Sports: What Are Some Of The Best Soft-Tip Darts You Can Buy In 2018?


Do you remember playing darts when you were young? Well, with the growing popularity of electronic dartboards, you simply cannot avoid adding one of them to your game room. However, you will have to leave your old steel-tip darts aside, as they should never be used with an electronic system. The good news is that their replacement, soft-tip dart, can be used for a very long time, without the need to replace either darts or dartboard.

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When buying soft-tip darts, you need take into consideration the amount of money you are willing to spend and your skill level. In this article we will take a closer look at some of the best soft-tip darts that every fan of darts should consider buying. In addition to that, we will provide you with some tips on how to select your own set.

Top 3 soft-tip darts in 2018

• Elkadart Turbo Soft-Tip Darts
Offering wide range of upgrades, this English product is a great choice for more experienced darts players. The Elkadart Turbo is available in many types of weights, starting from 10g and reaching up to 18g. This could be very important for more advanced players, who already have their preferences when it comes to throwing darts. Moreover, these darts are joy to play with, as they are both well-designed and well-executed. Holding Turbo in a hand, it is easy to notice its superb balance and the knurled grip.

• Elkadart Neon Soft-Tip Darts

The least expensive soft-tip dart out of those we recommend, Elkadart Neon is a high quality product with great level of resilience. As it is rather heavy, Neon is a great choice for the complete beginners in the world of darts. It is also rather inexpensive, which makes it a good fit for a first-ever purchase. The big plus of Neon is the perfect quality of darts, so they should last for a very long time.

• Elkadart Black Mamba 80% Tungsten Soft-Tip Darts

Without any doubts, Black Mamba is the best choice for the most experienced players. The biggest difference, compared to other products mentioned above, is definitely its appearance, which is very similar to that of a premium steel-tip dart. It has a tungsten and nickel barrel, while it only lacks a steel-tip. It is even more resilient than cheaper Turbo and Neon. The Black Mamba is the best choice for experienced tungsten players, allowing them to adapt to the electronic system more easily. Overall, the only downside of Black Mamba is the price.

How to choose your perfect soft-tip darts:

• Decide on your budget

As the price for a good soft-tip darts might vary from $3 up to $12, it is important to decide on the amount you are willing to spend to get your new darts.

• Choose your perfect weight

You simply must be aware of the different weights that are available for you. Therefore, before you make a decision to buy your soft-tip dart, practice with these different options in order to find the one that is perfect for you.

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