The Claws Are Out: 7 Nail Trends That Blew Up In 2018

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Beautiful nails are not only a fashion statement, they are also a status symbol. You can tell a lot from the someone’s manicure choice. Therefore, getting your nails done became just as important getting your hair done. Just like clothes, nails go in and out of fashion. These are some of the best nail trends of 2018 that you can try.

  1. In The Nude

Many women opted to ditch the over-the-top glam look and go for a more natural look this year. It started with lipstick shades and quickly moved to nail polish. The nude colour is perfect for any season or reason. It matches well with bright and dark colours and creates a look for a shade that compliments your skin tone. For me, I love Yves Rocher’s Taupe Rose colour.

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  1. Bedazzled Nails

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? We love all things that sparkle. Therefore, this manicure is a favourite among the nail trends. Once you’re done with the base coat, preferably dark colours to make the rocks pop, glue them to your liking and unleash your inner bad and boujee.

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  1. Stilettoes

I’m not talking about heels, although this nail shape mimics the stiletto heels since they’re sharp and pointy. Shapes matter a lot when it comes to nails. The stiletto shape became a favourite giving your fingers an elongated, fierce look. It also makes you look more feminine.

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  1. Rainbow Nail Art

For this nail trend, the brighter the better. The look involves painting your nails with different colours to create a rainbow aesthetic. I wondered why this felt so familiar then I remembered when we were kids we used to do the same thing, only it didn’t look as cool. This trend is most popular on Instagram and might not look as practical if you have a 9 to 5 life. However, it’s still a cool and trendy look.

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  1. Dipped Tips

The minimalistic nail art became exceptionally popular this year. This one is not only enchanting but also very easy to do yourself and works best with short nails. After applying the base coat, paint the tips of your nails using an ordinary nail polish brush then finish with a top coat. This style looks better with neon or bright coloured nail polish.

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  1. Shimmery Chrome

Since we live in a digital era, many things in our daily lives are becoming more aesthetic. This nail polish and adds a bit of maturity if you’re drawn to girly colours like hot pink. Most high-end nail polish brands such as Essie have this type of colours. However, if you’re not willing to spend Ksh 1000 on nail polish you can get any of your favourite colour and a shimmer nail polish then apply it as a top coat.

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  1. Matte Nail Polish

More nail technicians and manicurists are offering matte nails as a selling point due to its demand. Matte has been the hottest selling texture and for good reason. The unique matte texture, especially for nail polish, makes it easy to pull off. Here are 9 Best Matte Nail Polishes You Need To Try.

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