10 Common Mistakes People Make In Their 20’s

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Being in your 20’s involves a lot of trial and error. Since you’re experiencing real life first hand, you’re more likely to make these common mistakes.

  • Give Up

As mentioned, your 20’s are filled with many trials. Since it’s your first time venturing into the real world, you’re in for a rude awakening. The world is tough but you have to be tougher. As Anne Frank says, “where there’s hope, there’s life.”

  • Keep Toxic Friends

These kinds of friends slow down your growth. Good friends build you up while toxic friends tear you down. Whether you’re around a toxic friend, you feel emotionally and physically drained which can distract you from what really matters. Keeping such friends around is like setting yourself up for failure. Why Do People Stay In Toxic Relationships?

  • Stay In A Mediocre Relationship

Your 20’s come with the pressure of finding the right person to be in a relationship with and settle down. For some, this happens seamlessly but for others, you go through a lot of mediocre partners. This shouldn’t discourage you or make you settle with someone who doesn’t meet your expectations.

  • Don’t Invest/ Save Money

One of the common mistakes people make in their 20’s is living beyond their means. Many people want to live a glamorous life with their monthly salary which isn’t logical. The best thing you can do with your money is to invest it in income generating projects and live life at your own pace. Investing: why you should start in your 20s

  • Waste Time

There’s a common misconception that you have all the time in the world when you’re young. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Time moves fast and it waits for no man. Therefore, chase your dreams and don’t wait for tomorrow to do things.


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  • Neglect Your Health

This is the time to start healthy practices to prolong your health even in old age. Simple practices like cutting on processed foods and regular medical checkups reduce the risk of diseases like cancer which both young and old people can get.

  • Stay At The Wrong Job

I was having a conversation with a writer friend of mine. He mentioned that he wrote a piece about how the youth are employed at places of work which don’t’ relate to what they studied for at the university. We do make mistakes when choosing career paths. However, if you find yourself feeling unsatisfied at your workplace, you should be able to seek better options. Read 5 Epic Career Lessons I Learned In My 20s

  • Don’t Know How To Cook Basic Meals

Eating out is the priciest mistakes we make when you’re young. Sure, indulging at your favourite restaurant once in a while is harmless. However, when you calculate how much money you spend on takeout or at your kibanda, the numbers are just too much and too unnecessary. From breakfast to dinner, these costs pile up and by the end of the day, you’ll have spent more than a week’s groceries.

  • Fail To Develop New Skills

Skills are like spices for your CV. If you’re wondering why you’re not getting any callbacks, it’s probably because your CV doesn’t stand out. In your 20’s, you lack work experience. You can make up for this by having an impressive set of skills. Nowadays, it’s easier to learn new skills since there are online classes available from all kinds of institutions. Take advantage of them. 6 Reasons Why You Need To Learn Skills Outside Your Job

  • Focus On Other Things

Our weakness, as a generation, is we’re too caught up in the world of social media that we forget the real world around us. we’re more concerned about what Kim Kardashian was wearing at The Met Gala than how we can learn new skills.

Speaking of your 20s, here is why you should start Investing: why you should start in your 20s

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