Movie Review: Billionaire Boys Club – A Mind Blowing Turn Of Events

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The Billionaire Boys Club tags at my every interest. The minute I saw the poster I clicked on it so fast my mouse almost shuttered. It’s based on a true story that happened in the 1980’s when things were surprisingly wilder than today.

The movie involves a group of rich Beverly Hills boys and their smart, not-so-rich friend who devised a Ponzi scheme to get super rich, super-fast. The plan, of course, blew up in their faces but that wasn’t the worst part.

It starts with Joe Hunt, played by Ansel Elgort, a handsome but cunning Havard graduate who had a plan to live like his fellow graduates who had millions of dollars in their trust funds. He attended a party at one of his friend’s and partner in crime’s place in the hills where all the rich kids were. It was while at this party that he took the opportunity to pitch a business idea to his mates who ridiculed him.

However, his friend saw something in him and decided to introduce him to a multi-millionaire investor called Ron. Since he had nothing but words to invest in, Ron did not offer him any money. Instead, he gave him a piece of advice that would change Joe’s fate for life. He told him that he was too honest and that nobody got anywhere with honesty.

These words inspired Joe to make a few changes in his favour and finally won his fellow Havard peers respect and access to their money.  From then on, he began living the life he desired so much. He bought fast cars, got the girl of his dreams only for all that to crash and burn due to the same naivety.

The movie has a captivating storyline narrated by Dean Carnty, who plays Joe’s partner in crime. It follows the ups and downs of Joe Hunt’s tragic attempt at the high life. Though it has a sad ending, the movie is overall interesting and, mostly, exciting.

There are a number of notable actors like Kevin Spacey, Ansel Elgort and Emma Roberts. However, Billionaire Boys’ Club received the worst rating in any of the movies Kevin Spacey has been in. It failed to do well at the box office and received a 5.6 rating in IMDb. Regardless, if there’s something I’ve learnt about ratings, it really doesn’t matter. Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with the movie or the acting.

In this case, the movie’s performance was gravely affected by allegations of sexual assault against one actor. However, they all gave a stellar performance and the scripted was well written. My only complaint was that the storyline was rushed through so much that I found myself left with a lot of questions. I googled and found a documentary about Joe Hunt. You can watch The Fall Of Billionaire Boys’ Club (Crime Documentary)

I would give the movie an 8/10 since I had no complaints about the acting or the plot. I was hoping for a happier ending but it is what it is. It’s a nice movie for a more mature audience due to the nature of language, nudity and drug use.

Watch the trailer here.

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