5 Group Activities That Are Perfect For You And Your Friends

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I bet you’re loving the hot weather as much as I am. Finally, we have some sun and we can get nice and tan. I can also imagine the number of people who suddenly want to “hang out”. Our friend group chats on WhatsApp is filled with conversations that often end with catching up over drinks. Before we know it, someone uploads pictures that give us serious FOMO.

Good vibes are in the air. It’s bright and beautiful. This is the perfect time to plan those outdoors activities to get that much needed Vitamin D. In case you’re wondering how to spend quality time with all your friends, try some of these exciting group activities available in Nairobi.

  1. Enjoy Happy Hour At Your Favourite Spot

Kenya is a drinking nation. That is why most bars now have happy hour which starts around 5 pm when people are getting off work and want to catch up with some friends. This is a perfect and easy way to unwind, avoid the irksome Nairobi traffic and talk about the latest happenings in your life. During happy hour, drinks are served at subsidized prices so you can enjoy your cocktails or beers without worry. 5 Things To Consider When Partying Responsibly


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  1. Fuel Your Adrenaline GP Karting At Carnivore Road

If you love adrenaline-driven group activities and competitive sports, GP karting is a fun activity that will give you both. Show off your driving skills to your friends and find out who’s a better driver in a fun and safe way.


Man GP karting at Lang’ata Image from https://hapakenya.com/2014/03/28/5-fun-group-activities-to-do-in-nairobi/


  1. Bird Watching At Giraffe Center

Most people aren’t aware of this, but the Giraffe Center offers more than just giraffes. There’s a beautiful nature trail that is home to many exotic birds and is just as attractive as the giraffes. Invite your bird-loving friends for a relaxing walk at the centre.

  1. Play Escape Room At Talisman Restaurant

I tried this out once last year with some friends and I’ve been dying to go back. Though I haven’t done much of it, I would say this is one of my favourite group activities. It involves a puzzled room filled with clues and secret codes that participants are supposed to decode so as to make their way out of the room. It takes about an hour which flies by as you work together to solve the mystery. Not only is this fun but you also put to use of your problem-solving skills. for a first-timer, it took a lot of convincing to try it out, but it was all worth it. Escape Within The City: 3 Places You Should Check Out

  1. Watch A Local Play At Theatres

Watching a play together with some friends is a very intimate experience that you’ll live to remember for years. Plays feel more personal than movies since the actors’ act in real time and you get to witness them in real life. This experience can only be described as magical. In Kenya, plays are becoming more popular by the day. There are also play screenings almost every weekend at different theatres so you always you never have to worry about the next screening.

Speaking of friends and family, Practical Ways To Keep In Touch With Family And Friends. Here are more Fantastic Places To Visit In Kenya

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