Relationships: 7 Unusual Things That Make Men Attractive

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While many men strive to be like the picture perfect movie stars, women are drawn to more realistic everyday men. There’s nothing wrong with working on your image. However, you should know these unusual things that make men attractive.

  1. A Bulge

Mwanaume ni kitambi. Well, not literally. Men with a little bulge in their midsection make women feel secure in their own bodies. Sometimes, dating a gym body puts pressure on women to look a certain way whereas fuller men are comfy cuddle buddies and can binge eat with you when you’re in your feelings.

  1. Veiny Arms

Yup. This is a thing. Veiny arms indicate that a man is healthy and active. He’s also strong enough to do heavy lifting *wink, wink*. Many women are particularly drawn to this feature and most of them can’t tell you a specific reason for it. Therefore, it remains one of those unusual things that make men attractive.

  1. Handyman

Women love men who help around the house with things like a clogged pipe or a flat tyre. They become ten times more attractive when they say the magic words, “I got this”. Additionally, most men take pride in being able to fix things for themselves. In fact, they despise when you ask for outside help when they’re there even if the problem needs a professional.

  1. A Reader

Not only is reading a sign of intelligence, but it’s also a sign that the man is a great conversationalist. People who read deal with their emotions better which is an area that men struggle at. Moreover, it’s irresistibly attractive to watch a man get lost in his book.


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  1. A Sensitive Man

You’d think in the 21st Century men would be more sensitive but this is still a rare quality in most men. It’s one of those unusual things that women like in men. Sometimes, it’s okay to let your guards down and be in your feelings but not too much.

  1. Scars

Scars are considered unsightly and sometimes, nasty. However, each scar on a man’s body is a story to tell. Whether it was his first time riding a bike or that one time he got into a fist fight when he was a teen, scars are a way to know a man’s story.  Many women like this since they make a man look rugged and masculine. Therefore, scars top the list of the unusual things that make men attractive.

  1. Quirkiness

Who doesn’t love a bit of an oddball? Handsome men are okay but combined with a few quirks, they become an absolute heartthrob. It could be a fun personality or a subtle lisp. These features draw more people to you as they make you more human and unique in a very attractive way.

Men, what are some of the things you find oddly attractive in women?

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