Clothes Have Personalities: What Your Fashion Style Says About You

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“Fashion is an instant language.” Says Miuccia Prada. Clothes speak volumes about you. How you look on the outside is a direct reflection of how you are on the inside. That is why many stylists and designers say that you better have the attitude to match your clothes.

The Modern Hippie

Their circle is so exclusive you’d think it’s a cult. All their clothes are thrifted and they always have those unique accessories you have no idea where they got them. They are a rare kind but you can spot one from a mile away. They wear hiking boots and hats from January to January. You’d think that they don’t care how they look but they spend hours picking out the outfits. They are free-spirited adventurous and eccentric. Most of them are in the creative industry.


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The Party Girl

You know that friend who is always ready to turn up. A coffee date turns to happy hour which turns to you at Westlands on a Tuesday night. She carries a huge bag with a change of clothes, deodorant and an extra toothbrush because she’s probably not going to sleep at her place. She wears stilettoes even to go shopping and her dresses are always an inch or two above the knee. You’ve never seen her in a t-shirt and jeans. Her wardrobe is where you go when you have a last minute turn up plans and she somehow convinces you to tag her along. she’s definitely the life of the party, likeable, popular and has the looks to match the personality.


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Miss Independent

She always rocks suits on weekdays and a smart, casual look on weekends. She sleeks her hair to perfection. Her eyebrows look like they were forged by the gods and her nails are done. She’s an organized woman in every aspect of her life. Despite her busy schedule, she takes time to organize her wardrobe. She colour-coordinates her outfits. Her suits are as enviable as her life. She’s a boss and the woman we all want to be when we grow up.


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The Low-Key Dresser

She gravitates towards comfort but still creates a show-stopping look. She makes sporty looks work for her without looking like a marathon runner. Most of her clothes are loose-fitting. She knows how to improvise to fit her style and budget. She loves both flats and heels but mostly wears flats. She’s a free-spirit and gets along with everyone.


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Plain Jane

This one doesn’t make an effort to change her wardrobe or try out any trendy styles. Nothing pops in her outfit. She’s had the same hairstyle for years. She discovered what worked for her when she was 20 years old and stuck with it ever since. Moreover, you’re not likely to see her in bright coloured clothes since dark colours are a safe bet.

The Classic Man 

Come rain or shine, this man is in a tailored suit. His suits are the centre of attention wherever he goes. He always wears a pocket square and has an expensive collection of shoes to match. additionally, he spends at least 20 minutes combing his hair to perfection. out of everything he owns, his hair is his prized possession. Everybody listens when this guy talks since he commands attention. He’s that guy in the friend group who’d rather talk about business than road trips. 4 Tips For Getting A Perfectly Tailored Suit

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The Playboy

In local terms, we know him as the “cheers baba”. He’s fun, funny and always have a plan for the weekend. He mostly works at IT or for a radio station. He dresses like he’s ready to go to the beach but also need to go to work. His clothes of choice is a graphic T-shirt, khaki shorts and sneakers or sandals.

Where do you fall in these categories and would you try out different styles?

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