8 Kitchen Tools That Can Be Re-Purposed For Gardening

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Kitchen gardens don’t have to be another expensive venture. With these gardening hacks, you can repurpose your kitchen tools to gardening tools and add “farmer” in your resume.

  1. Wine bottle Watering System

Most people worry that their gardening might not be fruitful due to their busy lifestyle. Sometimes you’re out of town for days in a row, other times you come home too tired to fill up a jerry can and water your plants. The best way to make sure your plants have enough water without constantly watering them is by filling a wine bottle (or any bottle) with water and flipping it into the soil. This will provide water at a regulated rate and for longer periods.

  1. Teacup Herb Garden

This idea is not only useful but visually appealing as well. Old or chipped teacups make great planters for a balcony garden. You can hang them or put them in a rack and within no time you will have your own assortment of natural herbs.

teacup garden Image from http://maizehutton.blogspot.com/2012/04/my-vintage-teacup-garden.html
  1. Spoon Plant Markers

Spoons are easy to mount in soil and since they’re shiny, it’s easy to see them as well. Label each spoon with plants available in the garden and mark them appropriately. Remember to label the spoons with a water-proof material such as a permanent marker to make them last.

  1. Coffee ground fertilizer

Plants flourish when you sprinkle coffee grounds on them. In fact, it’s like coffee breathes new life to dying plants. Coffee grounds are rich in nutrients essential for plants such as magnesium, potassium and nitrogen. For coffee lovers, you can use old coffee grounds to enrich your plants.

  1. Soda Bottle Greenhouse

This is an easy way to ensure that seeds have a conducive environment to grow before planting them outside. For this idea, bury a seed inside a glass filled with soil. Cut a 2-litre plastic soda bottle, wash it then place the bottle over the glass. You seed now has a warm home.

  1. Colander Planter

A Colander is a kitchen tool used to steam vegetables while cooking. They are great for planting bigger plants or flowers. Since the colander is already perforated, you won’t need to make a drainage for the plants.

  1. Paper bag Mesh

You can use paper bags to protect your plants from being eaten by birds and dust accumulation. They also act as a sling to support vertical plants by tying the bag to a firm surface. Make sure to check on the plants regularly to prevent them from growing into the bag.

  1. Garden Lights Décor

You can use graters to spice up your garden lights. Make a cool lantern out of this kitchen tool by attaching it to a garden light. Graters cast out great light since they are perforated. They will also give your garden a rustic look which looks good even when the grater wears out.

Grater chandelier Image from https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/557672366334454373/

There are so many ways to repurpose kitchen tools for your garden. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s gold.

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