Fashion Trends: The Cartwheel Hat

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It was at the 2018 Grammy Awards when Beyoncé stole the show with a flamboyant cartwheel hat and set an unimaginable trend in 2018. The look may not have started with her, but she did make it wearable. In fact, artists like Pharrell have been wearing oversized hats since 2010 and the trend dates back to centuries ago. However, this iconic look marked the return of the oversized fashion statement. Who knew such a headpiece would become so popular?


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The cartwheel hat is an ordinary hat with an extraordinary circumference. It imitates the fascinators, commonly worn on royal occasions.  Modern-day royals like Kate Middleton spot this look on many of their formal appearances. Additionally, the cartwheel hat was a popular look during Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s star-studded wedding.


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What it lacks in practicality, it more than makes up for in sophistication. Paired with an equally stunning outfit, this saucer-shaped hat makes you look and feel like royalty. It has a very hoity-toity vibe which should be carried with the same kind of sophistication. It’s a favourite head turner for formal outdoor occasions like weddings, brunches and high tea events.

Unleash your inner Sasha Fierce. When you wear this cartwheel hat, you’re asking for attention since it makes you stand out. Therefore, strut with confidence and put on a bold lip colour to match. A red lipstick never fails. However, you can play around with other colours like burgundy, hot pink and even black. Additionally, make sure your hair is done for a polished and flawless look.

It’s a unisex trend. The beauty of the cartwheel hat is that it works for both men and women. During the post-war years, men’s wear became casual and hats were ditched by for rebels who didn’t like the formal uniformed looks. Though the hats trend disappeared for a while, it made a big comeback several years ago with the switch in opinion and style. Nowadays, many young men wear hats including this oversized slanted hat.


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There is a time and place to bring it. As mentioned, the hat is not practical for daily wear or even for date night. However, when the occasion calls for it, this hat come all the way through for a stunning look. Formal occasions are the most ideal for this look. And even then, the occasion has to be fashion-oriented and sophisticated. In Kenya, such events include Diner En Blanc, Fashion High Tea and Concours D’Elegance.

That said, the cartwheel hat also goes well with casual wear for days when you’re feeling fierce. It’s an ideal hat for when you’re feeling extra on a hot day worn with a little sundress. You can also pull off a bohemian look with the cartwheel hat since it has a gothic look. Just make sure that your outfit coordinates with the headpiece to avoid clashing.


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This is definitely a look that will get you on the best-dressed list and make you the belle of the ball. Simply, rock it well and rock it big.

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