Beauty Hacks That Save You Time In The Morning

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It takes time to look presentable whether you’re a man or a woman. However, time is a luxury that most people cannot afford. Maybe you’re just not an early riser. You’ve hit the snooze button way too much that you’ve lost a good 20 minutes. There’s no need to waste more time in the morning when you could do these beauty hacks.

  1. Have A Weekly Maintenance Night

Most people, especially women, can get away with shaving once or twice a week depending on your hair growth. Therefore, designate one night to do all the necessary shaving and exfoliating so as to avoid spending too much time in the shower on a workday morning. You can apply conditioner before shaving to ease up the process. By doing all the necessary pampering and grooming on one night, your mornings are less hectic.

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  1. Set Your Hair The Night Before

Of all the beauty hacks, many black women, especially naturalistas, will relate to this one and find it the most helpful. We all have had the struggle of styling our hair in the morning and contemplating chopping it all off. Actually, this isn’t a bad idea. Before you call it quits with your hair journey, however, try setting it the night before and sleep with your desired hair. All you have to do in the morning is comb it up a bit and you’re all set. Here Are Different Styles You Can Try With Your Natural Hair

  1. Cat Eye Cut Out

If drawing a straight line, let alone a winged eyeliner, is a struggle for you, then you know it can take a while to get the perfect cat eye. You can save some minutes by having a paper cut out to your desired shape. This will save you a whole lot of time and the risk of going out with crooked eyeliner. If you’re also into makeup but can’t seem to get it right, check out these beauty hacks for flawless makeup.

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  1. Shape And Shade

Eyebrows play an important role in shaping your face. Therefore, doing your eyebrows is the most crucial step in your makeup routine and require the most time. Additionally, good eyebrows let you get away with less makeup. You should consider more permanent solutions like microblading or eyebrow tint makeup products to save time and achieve a flawless look.  Tired Of Filling In Your Eyebrows – Maybe You Should Try Microblading

  1. Ditch The Brushes

Wherever possible, uses your fingers to apply makeup. This includes primer, foundation, concealer, eyeshadow and, even, highlighter. Though brushes give a more precise finish, the last thing you’re looking for on a working day is a photoshoot ready makeup look. Using your fingers saves you time since you go from product to product without trying to get the correct brush.

  1. Finish Up On The Move

If you know, you know. Every “lazy girl” who loves to sleep in can relate to doing their makeup on the move. Take advantage of the morning traffic to finish your look. However, this doesn’t mean applying foundation or contouring in a bus full of commuters. Finishing up involves applying lipstick, fixing your hair and doing a quick mirror check to ensure you don’t have any smudges. You can also touch up your nails with nail polish remover wipes.

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