The Singlehood Series: My Date Humiliated Me In Front Of My Workmates At A Tusker Project Fame Event


I’ve always been nervous about romantic situations. My mother always told me, “these boys only want one thing, Sandra. Be careful.” And like the obedient little girl I was, I took this piece of advice and ran with it all through my adolescence years.

There I was. A 22-year-old seated all alone at a club hoping the right man falls on my lap like manna from heaven. It ran like clockwork. I’d go to the same spot every Tuesday and order the same drink then pick the corner-most table and settle down to people watch.

Out of the randomness of life, a man who didn’t make me roll my eyes so far up my head approached me that evening. He smelt good and had a nice deep voice. After exchanging pleasantries, he pulled a chair next to me and made himself comfortable. He kept me laughing the whole night and we exchanged numbers before I left for home.


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For the next couple of weeks, we texted back and forth but he never asked me out. Thinking of another excuse to see him, I remembered I usually get extra event tickets to the first Tusker Project Fame screening because of my job. Perfect. So, now came the hard part of asking him to join me. This must be how men feel on a daily basis.

I was dressed to kill in my freakum dress. To add on, I did my hair, my nails and wore some nice peep toe heels. You’d think I was one of the Tusker Project Fame contestants, the way I was all dolled up.

“You look so good.” He said in his deep voice as e reached in for a hug.

“Thanks. You look good too.” I replied

As he pulled away, we made eye contact and he gave me the look. You know, the look a man gives you and you know exactly what he’s thinking about. He doesn’t let go of me for a minute and we both smile at each other. I was blushing. This man made me blush!

We made our way to the bus that was taking us to the event. Some of my workmates were already there so I introduced him to them then we got on the bus. Before I could sit down and kick off those killer heels, he sat by the window seat and I was practically sitting on his lap. Things got real really fast.

“Are you nervous?” he asked

“No,” I answered barely breathing out. My whole body was stiff. These things were so new to me I didn’t know what to do next. But he had a way of keeping me calm.

“Look,” he said while ripping off the material that blacked out the windows on the bus. This was literally right after we had been warned not to tamper with them.

“Stop. You’ll get us kicked out.” I whispered looking around to make sure nobody saw him.

“Come on. Live a little.” He leaned in and tried to kiss me while I was struggling to hide the damage that he had done.

Finally, we got to the event and Andrew couldn’t keep his hands to himself. He even went ahead and gave me that kiss that he had been dying to give me. I moved so it landed on my cheek. Then he whispered sweet nothings to me which got me back in my happy place. I couldn’t stop laughing all the way to the queue and inside the venue. He really had a way with words. Inside, I could see my friends giggle knowing this was the guy I had spoken so much about.

All was going well. Everybody’s having a good time until somebody, yes, Andrew had a call of nature.  As a rule, you’re not supposed to move during a live recording, let alone stand up to go to the washrooms. However, he really needed to go and as much as I told him to hold his pee, he didn’t think that was a good idea.

So, he stood up which was immediately followed by a collective gasp from the audience like we were all watching the same telenovela and Camila had found out that Juanpa wasn’t really dead. He managed to walk out but not without getting stern looks from the bouncers. After a short while, I saw him come back but the bouncers did not let him back in.

I wasn’t worried because I knew there were breaks and he’d come back at that time. The break came but the man did not. Then, from the corner of my eye, I saw him embrace another girl and lift her from the ground. They sat down and continued with their chit-chat before as she got handsy with him. Every brain cell told me to keep calm but I knew there was only so much I could take.

Maybe I was overreacting. But, to be honest, I invited him to the event. He paid nothing except for one Black Ice. The least he owed me was his attention.

“Where are you going?” I asked him as he blatantly walked past me the second time with her leading the way.

“I’m just catching up with an old friend.” He answered with total disregard of my obvious agitation.

They both went to the bar and he ordered two drinks for them then sat where she was seated. The bell rang to resume screening but my supposed date was in no hurry to come back to his seat. Eventually, another attendee sat next to me and I had to watch the two laugh without plotting their murder.

The event came to an end. After an embarrassing ordeal like that, I didn’t want to stick around. On the way back, I ran into a couple friend of mine who knew exactly what had happened at the show. We walked to the bus as Andrew blew up my phone with endless calls.

“Lenga.” My friend said.

“Yea. It’s not worth it.” Her husband added.

We got to my stop and I alighted after saying my goodbyes only to find Playboy leaning on my car as if he co-owned it with me.

“Who was that guy?” He asked without even apologizing for leaving me alone on at the event.

“What?” I was simply astounded and lacked further expressions.


Eventually, he left and I got into my car and drove off blasting music to mask off my rage. I got home, switched off my phone and went to bed. The next day, a Monday, my workmates did not contain themselves when they saw me. Everyone had their own version of what happened at the event but they all agreed that something like that should never happen especially if you’re the one who’s invited the guy.

Days after ignoring his calls, Andrew texted me asking if I had any event tickets and if I could hook him up with two. No apology… Not even an explanation. And just like that, he ruined my whole Tusker Project Fame experience and I wasn’t able to attend another Tusker Project Fame Event after that.


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***This story is loosely based on a twitter story. The Singlehood Series formerly Single Lady In Nairobi based on real-life stories and opinions from different women. It looks at the current world of dating in Kenya and experiences that ladies have gone through. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the contributors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of


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The singlehood series is a collection of real-life stories and opinions from different people. It looks at the current world of dating in Kenya and experiences that people have gone through. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the contributors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of