Restaurant Reviews: The Fabulous Food At The Fins Seafood Grill Restaurant, Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa


There is nothing as relaxing as seating near the beach, sipping your drink as you have a delicious meal and chat with your family or friends. The Fins Seafood Grill at the Diani Reef is a great spot to have some awesome food as you look out at the beautiful blue waters of the Indian Ocean or do some people watching. If you are a romantic then this is the ideal place for a romantic candlelight dinner as you watch the beautiful moon over the ocean.

The Fins Grill offers an a la carte Mediterranean menu during the day and sometimes has a buffet in the evenings. Depending on what you fancy you can get some delicious seafood or just stick with various meats and veggies. I loved the choices that we had. I was at Diani Reef with my sister and nephew, and I loved the fact that they have a child-friendly menu and the chef was also at hand to be consulted on what my nephew might like. Before I talk about the food, I must talk about the service. The service makes you feel special, as the staff is on hand to make sure you are served in the shortest time possible. They are really friendly and very accommodative.


My nephew’s favourite – the chicken wrap with fries.

The food is fantastic. One thing about Diani Reef is that they make you sample different restaurants on different nights. We were lucky that we got to spend our lunches and dinners at this scenic restaurant so we could get the best of the ambience and the mouth-watering dishes.


This pizza made me not finish my food so that I could dig into the pizza.

The Fins Seafood and Grill has a menu with enough items for you to keep sampling new items for a couple of days without getting bored. If you love

It would be hard to choose a favourite from all the meals that we had, from the delicious Chicken and mushroom pizza to the fabulous chicken wrap to the succulent burgers to the fantastic tuna steaks. Their mushroom soup is amazing and their honey King Prawns are so tasty it brings tears to your eyes.   Paired up with fresh cold juice, or madafu it was an awesome experience, both for the taste buds and the eyes.


If you love seafood then King Prawns are sure to be a favourite.

I loved everything, the food, the ambience and the service. Having a child with us, I was happy about how they are very accommodative of children. Adults too. Btw they also have four O’clock tea with some snacks which goes down well after a day at the pool. Check out some of the delicious meals we had below.


The great thing about the Fins Seafood Grill Restaurant is that it is part of the award-winning Diani Reef Beach Resort so you can expect great food, great service and great views. Make sure while you are in Diani you check it out if you are not staying there but if you make sure that you treat yourself to the experience of dining there.  In the evenings they have entertainment during some of the nights, so you party at the disco or watch the dancers who are very entertaining, if you love to dance, you can join in and create some beautiful memories.

Tip. If you have kids with you, you could ask what the chef recommends. I know he will make something your kids will love.

The honey glazed meat was just the bomb. My favourite meal at the restaurant.


This chicken mushroom soup is the best I have ever had.






The spicy chicken starter is awesome. If you like spicy food then you will enjoy this.
If you fancy a juicy burger then this is the burger for you. Chicken burger cooked to perfection.
Tuna fillet was one of my favourites. I love fish and they did a great job with it.

Next time you are in Diani make sure you visit this restaurant. Also if you love Japanese cooking then you  should check out the  Japanese Teppanyaki at Sake Restaurant, Diani Reef Beach Resort

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