Tips On How To Make A Practical To-Do List

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Part of creating a good to-do list is commitment. The hardest part is executing them and it is said that about 41% of to-do lists are never completed. However, to-do lists go beyond just completing tasks. According to this article, there are many more benefits to writing a to-do list. With these tips, you’ll be able to make a practical list that you might complete.

  1. Time It

When making to-do lists, we often write down the tasks without allocating a specific time frame. This makes us spend too much time on certain tasks leaving little to no time on others. By using this tip, you’re able to manage your time better. It might also help to turn your to-do lists into a schedule. Give each task a specific time and place.

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  1. Embrace Technology

There are numerous apps that help you create a to-do list and come with other perks like sharing, delegating and notifying. These apps are better than writing down a to-do list on a piece of paper since we have our phones on us the whole day.

  1. Simplicity Is Key

To-do lists don’t have to comprise of 10 or more items. In fact, it should not have more than 3 tasks per day. Categorize them into work, home and personal. Prioritize and focus on the most important task of the day that will inch you closer to achieving your goals. Get rid of the obvious things you should do daily like check email, call home, get lunch etc. This only makes your to-do list look longer and harder to complete.


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  1. Be Specific

Once you’ve grouped your tasks into the three main categorize, break them down. For instance, under work, you can have a “hand in client accounts report to Jane in Accounts”. This makes your list more actionable as opposed to vague tasks like “hand in the report.” You’re also able to complete tasks faster when they’re broken down.

  1. Review and Edit

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the day’s activities, you can easily edit your to-do list. Additionally, if some of your plans fall through you can incorporate other activities in place of those plans. Your to-do list is a living document that can change at any time.

  1. Share Your To-Do List

Many people rely on to-do lists to manage their time and get things done over the course of the day. However, sharing your to-do list no only boosts your productivity, you’re also to get a second opinion on it. According to the software developer, Joe Reddington, making his to-do list public helped him see it with fresh eyes.

  1. Add Reward Tasks

For extra incentive to complete your to-do list, add fun tasks as a reward for completing certain high energy tasks. For instance, once you complete your office tasks you can reward yourself with a coffee run or chit-chat. You can also categorize your tasks into emotional rewards for a more tangible outcome. For instance, mental relief- stock fridge, take out the garbage or do laundry etc.

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