Entertainment: 5 Horror Movies To Watch This October

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Horror movies may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, they don’t get the credit they deserve either. Thankfully, every October is a reason to watch horror movies all month long. Whether you’re a veteran horror fan or just curious, here are some of the new horror movies to get you in the spooky October spirit.

  1. The Nun

Who doesn’t love a good exorcism movie? Written and directed by James Wan, a horror hit-maker, The Nun starts off this list on a good note. It is based in the 1950’s Romania where a nun is possessed by an evil entity. This prompts the Church to send an experienced priest who brings along a young Sister to assist him. They arrive at the town but no one is willing to speak to them about the strange activities. On the other hand, the priest is haunted by his past. Watch the trailer here.

  1. The Meg

Based on a novel by Steve Alten, The Meg tells about the horrors of the deep sea. An enormous creature that was thought to be extinct attacks a submarine, the rescuers realize they have a bigger problem.  One of them leaves to seek help but the submarine blows up and he is the only survivor left to tell the story of this sea monster. Years later, a billionaire finances an underwater research escapade which explores the area where this attack happened. They soon discover that the monster is a megalodon shark that was thought to be extinct. Watch the trailer.


  1. The First Purge

If you like blood and gore, I would highly recommend this one. A prequel to the “Purge” series, The First Purge takes viewers back to when the founding fathers of America launch this sick experiment. In a bid to end crime, they designate a 12-hour zone of lawlessness. All kinds of atrocious crimes including brutal murders are legal for that one night. They select, Staten Island, a primarily black ghetto community to introduce this night and as an incentive, each participant is given 5,000 dollars. Chaos and madness follow. Watch the trailer.


  1. Insidious: The Last Key

In case you haven’t watched the previous Insidious movies, you might need a horror movie night to catch up. However, you can easily follow the plot even without watching the previous ones. The Last Key is the forth Insidious movie which focuses on Elise’s childhood. Elise is a physic who grew up with a brute father that tried to punish her abilities away. In the present, she gets a call from a man who currently lives in her childhood home. She sets out with her companions to check out the supernatural activities at her former home and encounters a few of her own ghosts. Watch the trailer.

  1. Mara

Though Mara was not as high profile as the other horror movies on the list, it exceeded itself in storyline and performance. A police psychologist investigating strange murders learns about a sleep demon from a young girl. She finds herself affected by sleep paralysis which gradually gets worse prompting her to seek help in a support group. There, she meets someone who knows more about Mara, the sleep demon. Watch the trailer.

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