Fashion: What To Wear To The Safaricom Jazz Lounge

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Picking an outfit for an outdoors event, especially a jazz event, requires a lot of thought put into it. The last Jazz lounge I attended was during the rainy season. Though the music distracted us from the gloomy weather, the outfits told another story. However, it looks like this time the weather will be as beautiful as the vibes. Here are several fashion styles to try out for the Safaricom Jazz Lounge.

  1. Wrap Dress

The wrap dress is a very trendy and chic look to rock during the Jazz Lounge. It comes in various designs and looks flattering as both a maxi or a mini.  This pair well with a pair of Converse shoes or boots and classy accessories like pearls, gold or diamonds. However, make sure not to wear expensive jewellery at events as things get lost easily outdoors.


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  1. Chunky Heels

A classy event calls for a classy pair of heels. Though heels may not be an ideal choice of footwear for a music concert, you can make an exception for Jazz Lounge. Besides, there are veterans who can run a marathon in heels. The chunky heel, however, is a more comfortable choice if you decided to go for this look. They go well with wide-legged pants to give you a retro look or fitted jeans and a blazer for a casual but refined look.


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  1. Double Slit Pants

When you hear of a slit, you think of skirts or dresses but these stylish pants are here to break all the fashion rules. Ever since the thigh-high slit trend begun, I’ve been obsessed with it. So much so that it has been my go-to look for many events. This style gets even better with the double slit pants which would be perfect for Jazz Lounge. It shows enough skin to make you look flirty but not too much to make you look trashy. This look can be worn with nice sandals.


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  1. Kimono

I doubt if the kimono will ever go out of style for a festival look. This simple yet elegant style began last year and has carried on well into this year. therefore, it’s here to stay. Worn with short cargo shorts, romper or midi dress, a kimono simply brings the look together and gives it a pop. Nowadays, kimonos come in different materials as opposed to just chiffon. You can even have a custom made Ankara kimono for an African look.


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  1. Hair Beads

If you’re looking for a quick festival look, your hair is the way to go. Hair beads add a festival vibe to any hairstyle. It has also been a popular look this year so you’ll trendy as well. Hair beads come on different sizes and designs to suits different tastes and hairstyles. They also go well with braided hair or natural hair. Use them to accessorize and finish your look. Want to try a new do for your hair – Here Are Different Styles You Can Try With Your Natural Hair


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Always carry a warm jacket to an event outdoors and a Maasai blanket which you can use if it gets really cold. Or use it to book seats for your friends.

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