5 Important Life Lessons You Can Learn From Watching YouTube Videos

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You’ve probably seen the drama, entertainment and educational value that comes with YouTube. But, did you know that there are life lessons you can pick up from your favourite YouTube stars? Besides YouTube being an entertainment platform, it’s also a business and source of income for many creators. Therefore, through their content and hustle, you can learn these important life lessons.

  1. Make The Move

Content creators on YouTube live by the mantra that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Whether they are performing daring stunts, backpacking around the world or eating spicy noodles, it all begins with getting out of their comfort zone. Though some of these acts are dangerous and some don’t end up well, they are life lessons to push yourself to the limit. There are lots of inspiring stories on YouTube as well to help you make that move.

  1. Have A Great Work Ethic

It’s difficult to know when to be professional when you’re paid to have fun. However, many YouTubers have managed to build empires through their work ethic which is a classic example of separating work from personal life. When it’s time to work, YouTubers know how to clean up and be professional. Through daily vlogs, the audience gets to see both the creative and corporate side which applies to many careers as well.

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  1. Be Consistent

You don’t have to have it all together all at once. In fact, nobody is an overnight success. They say it takes two years to make an overnight celebrity. What this means is people only see your success without realizing your come-up journey. Most content creators on the platform dedicate a lot of time, effort and money into their craft which is evident from their videos. In an interview with Njugush, a comedian on YouTube who recently got his Silver Play Button from YouTube, he attributes his success on the platform to posting quality content regularly.

  1. Commit

YouTubing begins as a hobby for most people then becomes a career for some. The good thing about it is that many people share about their personal lives and struggles. This is something we don’t see very often with blue collar jobs. For instance, in this Marie Claire article, one YouTube fitness star shares her morning routine which involves waking up as early as 5 am every day to prepare her family and get started on her day.

  1. Invest In People Not Numbers

It’s strange to learn about popularity from a social media platform. Everything seems to be about who has the most followers. Most people chase numbers without knowing the real value of meaningful connections. On YouTube, creators make money through views, not followers. Therefore, making a reputation for yourself is more important than having 1 million followers who don’t care if you went missing the next day both in your work life and personal life.

The best way to learn is through observation.

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