Getting A Handle On Self Discipline – How To Build And Reinforce Healthy Habits


Self-discipline is so hard. It’s something we all struggle with and that’s primarily because we’ve already established bad habits that are constantly working against us. You could read a shelf worth of self-help books that are geared to boost your productivity and still fall short when it’s time to work what you’ve learned.

Many of you are like me: you’re aware of your bad impulses but you do very little to curb them; it’s just so much more comfortable staying where you are. I know, but I don’t know how to change, apparently. It’s incredibly frustrating to see sound logic in front of you every day, advise others to use it, and then watch yourself spiral out of control in a hedonistic frenzy paid for by tomorrow, eating and regurgitating the same mantra with less conviction every day; “From now on,” “One more day,” “I’ll really do it this time.”

Setting yourself goals and digging deep as to what and why you want your goals will help separate the impulsiveness from the hard work and discipline that goes into what you want to achieve. Also, if you are working at something, give yourself time to absorb new info, whether it’s at the gym or learning to draw or write music, separate your workflow into smaller chunks and dedicate a max time each day (maybe an hour or 2 hours, which can be broken up). The brain is like a sponge and has to absorb new information over time gradually, as opposed to just dumping all new info in one go (and falling through and out everywhere). Within 2-3 months of sticking with something, it will eventually become a habit which equals success towards your goals. How to Increase Your Productivity By Managing Your Time

Setting a max time and having a relaxation period/time off/reward afterwards is a great way to reinforce a new habit.

Defining success is very important. It’s incredibly subjective and weaves into what and why your goal is. Let no one else tell you what that is; and also, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. It’s your life – you figure it out on your own terms. If people are telling you what to do, it’s most likely their own insecurities and fears being projected.

The discomfort and impatience you endure while learning a new thing seems unnecessary, but is actually the only way to achieve your goals. There is no quick fix to wealth, success or freedom. You simply have to put the work in and carefully dissect your desires in order to meticulously plan for and eventually achieve them.

I remember wanting to start a vlog earlier this year but my fear of being mocked or rejected put me down, so much so, I never pursued the project. I must now carve a way around my insecurities and fight the fright of producing bad content – if it sucks, it sucks but if it’s good, I could really benefit from it. I challenge you to do the same. Begin structuring the framework that will lead you out of your impulsive bad habits and into a worthwhile existence whereby you are willing to do the work.

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