Dating: 5 Types Of Bad Boyfriends You Should Avoid


Boyfriends come in all shapes and sizes; they are a part of every young woman’s growth and maturity, yet some of them are not good for us. Having a boyfriend can reveal different layers of our personality: who we are and what we’re willing to tolerate – once you’ve gone through a handful, you’ll be truly self-aware. The road to this enlightenment is riddled with razor-sharp twists and turns, you at times encounter the worst of the bunch, who challenge you and hurt you like never before.


The Possessive Dictator

You can’t breathe with this type. He constantly wants to know where you are, who you’re with and what you’re doing; he can even go as far as vetting who you can and can’t talk to, under the guise of being caring and an altruistic authority over who’s good for you and who isn’t. You could say that you could be dating a sociopath

Don’t fall for it ladies! He has major attachment issues and even worse, he wants to isolate you so that he has majority influence and control over your life. One word: RUN!

The Cheapskate

This man will find any and every reason to avoid paying the full bill. In his mind, relationships are 50/50 when it comes to money issues, but tipped unevenly when it comes to emotional support, time and general effort put into the relationship.

Going Dutch is music to his ears and being helpful monetarily is always attached to a serious payment plan that is impossible to get out of.

Mr Know It All

No one likes a know it all. This guy will overly analyze the smallest situation only to get worked up and ruin the mood between both of you. He never lets things slide and will forever complain, whine, nag and bring up past battles all for the sake of his ego.

He overthinks the smallest detail completely missing the point at times. This anti seductive trait renders the host incapable of reading those around him further causing a debilitating view of the world where his perspective is the only one considered in his head. He lacks the ability to introspect or look within and that’s why his failings in a relationship will always be the other party’s fault.

The Serial Cheater

It’s always easy to fall for this type; he’s fun and masculine and he always has a new way to sweep you off your feet. However, he cannot commit. He has a girl for each city and state and sees nothing wrong with this way of life.
Having a string of sordid affairs can be dangerous for him as well as for you. Who knows what kind of craziness resides within his other lovers? A girl could one day show up at your house unannounced and wreak havoc on your quiet life.

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The Overly Emotional Vampire

This fellow will literally suck the life out of you with his constant fights and petty fallouts. He’s hot and cold; one second he’s fine, the next he’s upset. The tiniest of things could set him off and begin the onslaught for this month’s new rage.

Be wary of this type; when provoked, they can be violent. Leaving them can be an issue as well because they can threaten to inflict harm on themselves or others. See through his rubbish very quickly and get away from him very fast.

It’s normal to kiss a few frogs before you land Prince Charming; if you can, avoid these toads.

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