Entertainment: The 5 Best Things About The Over 25 YouTube Channel


The YouTube sensation that is Over 25 has won the hearts of many Nairobians. The name “Over 25” is attributed to the hostesses and their age group: Shiko, Ivy, Julia and Lorna breakdown controversial topics like sex, marriage, condoms and contraception, among other taboos. Their playful friendship is what makes the show relatable and lovable. The beauty of four childhood friends chopping it up from time to time stokes warmth within, that reminds you of the lovely female friendships we have or have had.

Although there are many reasons to watch Over 25, here are 5 that are sure to have you subscribing to their page.

The Camaraderie (#FriendshipGoals)

Their friendship is so genuine and close that you sometimes wish they would induct you into their girl group. No matter the topic, serious or cavalier, they always seem to find a way to get a laugh out of each other’s remarks and views. The bubbly sunshine that emits from them is infectious and leaves you begging for more at the end of each episode. I suggest you grab your bestie and tune in next episode – catch those everlasting vibes.

The Honesty

These young women do the impossible when they talk about seemingly unspeakable subjects on air given their African upbringing. Although they were born and raised in Nairobi, where millennials and Gen Zers are fairly open-minded and liberal, these ladies did what many of us wouldn’t and they have aired their girl convos out for the public to hear. Their first couple of episodes feature some personal stories and ex-talk that many would be too embarrassed to share with the world. What they tell their audience is commendable; it is educative and stops us younger ladies from making poor decisions.

The Setting

Often shot in Julia’s bedroom, the beautiful attic aesthetic draws audiences into a tower like haven. They sometimes change location but I believe the windowed background to be most pleasant.

The Content

It’s difficult to speak about sex and STDs, the looming fear of whether you’re good enough for marriage or not and most of all, men. These ladies put forward such a sterling compilation of works that will get you through any meltdown or breakup. They make you feel, through their experiences, that we’ve all been through it and we shall soon overcome.

The Hostesses

This is by far the best part of the show and that is indeed why I saved it for last. The four girls have amassed a cult following amongst Nairobi women. I once saw Lorna in town and actually said hi to her. To achieve that sort of fandom in Kenya is a feat on its own because Kenyans don’t appreciate their own like that. These women have tapped into a very successful market of selling the female experience. Television already shows that this type of programming is widely viewed and appreciated throughout the world. There’s something about following the lives of a group of women that appeals to the masses (maybe it’s the fact that we outnumber men).

Over 25 is a must watch for every modern woman. Hopefully, they keep formulating new creative content that continues to steal the hearts of many.


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