Fashion: 10 Ways To Style Your Plain White T-Shirt

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A plain white t-shirt is a closet essential that cuts across gender, age, style and brand. It is one of the most versatile clothing items that you can never get enough of. The reason for its popularity is that you get exactly what you asked for. However, the look can get boring really fast. If you’re looking for new ways to style your white t-shirt, here are some trendy looks you can try.

  1. Tucked Into A Skater Skirt

Paring your plain white t-shirt with dressy skirts makes it an elegant and stylish look. Skater skirts have the most flattering bottoms and pair well with a casual t-shirt. You can also wear this look during the day with a pair of sandals or at night with some heels.


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  1. Blue Jeans and A White Shirt

This classic look, popularized by 50’s actor James Dean, is both cool and easy to pull off. The only thing to avoid is formal shoes or sneakers. Wear it with boots, Vans or Converse. It works on most occasions but especially for a boys’ night. You can also go for a fitted or baggy white T-shirt.

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  1. Tied In A Knot

Tying your plain white t-shirt into a knot adds details and transforms it into a trendy crop top. You can wear this look with a fitted skirt and tennis shoes to run errands. Additionally, you can go for a side knot or a front knot and you can hold it high or low depending on your preference.


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  1. White T-Shirt And A Bomber Jacket

It’s said that women find men the most attractive in a plain white t-shirt as it accentuates their masculinity. Worn with a bomber jacket, this look will definitely elevate your look as well as win you style points among the ladies.


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  1. Plain White T-Shirt, Trousers And Formal Shoes

For your casual Fridays at the office, dress your formal office wear with a plain white t-shirt. You’ll be surprised how much difference this simple change makes as opposed to going overboard with the casual look. Complete the look with formal shoes.


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  1. Under a Sleeveless Dress

If you thought t-shirts only go with bottoms, then you’ve probably not seen this chic look. A plain white t-shirt may be basic but it doesn’t have to be. Try wearing it under your favourite sleeveless dress and complete the look with chunky heels or trendy sneakers.


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  1. With A Long Cardigan

Long cardigans are a more casual alternative to trench coats. You can wear a plain white t-shirt with a long cardigan and pants for an everyday look while running errands or a casual coffee date. Additionally, this look flatters every figure and is a cosy fit.


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  1. Cropped Plain White T-Shirt

Show off your toned midsection with this effortless look. This simple detail will add to a rather interesting feature to a simple look. You can rock this look anywhere from music festivals to girls’ night. Make sure to layer up during the cold season.


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  1. All White T-Shirt And Skirt

You don’t have to overthink your outfit for the next all-white party. This gives the illusion of a dress which makes it a perfect last-minute look to a formal event. It’s also a trendy look. Accessorize the look with a chic bag and a stunning pair of heels.


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  1. With A Blazer

Though I’m not really into wearing a t-shirt with a blazer, the plain white t-shirt really goes well with bright coloured blazers and an official skirt. It’s also a smart casual office look for women which is both stylish and trendy. Complete this look with a dressy pair of flats.


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