Entertainment: 7 Must Haves While Attending A Concert

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Concerts are becoming a popular pass-time for Nairobians. Almost every weekend there seems to be an event taking place somewhere. For many people, they’re also just getting into the groove of attending concerts which can be overwhelming at first, especially if you don’t prepare accordingly. Yes, attending a concert isn’t just showing up and having a good time. Here are some must-haves on your concert items checklist.

  1. Ticket & ID

Double check then check again to see if you’ve carried your ticket and your ID. Imagine paying all that money, getting dressed, going to the venue then they turn you away because you don’t have your ticket. Frustrating, isn’t it? You can solve this little problem by packing your essentials a day before the concert.  Your ID is also necessary for identification.

  1. Playlist

On your way to the concert, you need some music to get you in the party mood. The most appropriate playlist would be made of songs by the artists who’ll be performing at the concert. However, you can listen to any music as long as it will get you hyped and energized to party all night long.


concert goers image fromhttps://lowriderband.com/concertgoers-beware-classic-rock-bands-play-musical-chairs-with-heyday-lineups/
  1. Cash

Always have cash on you while attending a concert. Since concerts last for hours, you’re most likely going to buy food or drinks and some vendors don’t accept cards or mobile money transfers. Additionally, some concerts have a number of vendors and it would be more expensive to purchase items using a card compared to cash.

  1. Emergency Kit

Emergency kits don’t have to be medical. There are ambulances on standby for that. You can run into a different kind of emergency at a concert, though. Make sure to pack things like power bank, lip balm, water bottle, chewing gum and feminine products. The more concerts you attend the more you learn what you need to have a fun, care-free night.

  1. Apps

There are several apps that should be on every concert goer’s phone like Shazam, Uber and ticket buying apps. Each of these apps serves their own purpose in making your concert experience a lot easier. For instance, you can party stress-free knowing you have a ride home with Uber and for all the songs you don’t know but like, you can Shazam them.

  1. Contact Lenses

For people who wear glasses, trying to enjoy a concert with blurry vision is not cute, nor is wearing glasses. Therefore, you should get prescribed contacts from an optician even if it’s just for the event. You can also make it a fashion statement and try different coloured contacts. See, there are perks to not having perfect eyesight.

  1. Camera or a good camera phone

It’s important to be in the moment but it’s also important to keep a lasting memory of it. Concerts are some of the most magical moments where people interact. Capturing such moments on camera is part of the concert experience. After all, pics or it didn’t happen is the rule.

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