Fashion: 3 Sneakers You Need In Your Collection


Sneakers have become a major fashion statement over the years. With the monumental growth of the hip-hop subculture that praises the semi-athletic footwear, sneaker companies have upped their creative vision incorporating flashy designs as well as collaborating with influential artists to boost their brands further.
Sneakers often go for a pretty penny, with some retailing for as high as 1000 USD. For those who want to stunt on a budget, here are some fabulous sneakers you can cop for just less than 100 USD.

Adidas Gazelles

Addidas Gazelle. Image from

The gazelles have a sleek streamlined design that shouts simple yet fashionable. These can be worn on a night out in a casual outfit and are best suited for a white T and jean combination.

They come in various colours: pink, white and Grey for the ladies, blue and white for the guys, and special limited edition versions that praise the Rastafarian colours of green, red and yellow, as well as some leopard spotted fur embellished kicks for those of you who like to do it big.

The gazelles are well-designed shoes that are long-lasting and retail in Kenya for about 80 USD.

White on white leather converse

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If you’re looking to get noticed, what better way to do it than an all-white ensemble? These shoes send a message that you transcend fashion – the white leather says it all.

These can be worn with a dress, a jean or a skirt. The versatility of this piece is what makes it an absolute mmust-have They’re easy to pull off and are absolutely beautiful.

Not to mention Converse’s long standing reputation of creating an indestructible shoe, the 60 USD you pay is virtually nothing given the years you’ll be wearing them for.

High Top Denim Vans

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These shoes are one of a kind. Sleek and trendy, the high top baby blues will set you apart from everyone else. Although the Vans Company doesn’t have a store within Kenya, you can very easily order a pair from amazon and have them delivered to your doorstep.

They retail for USD 50 and are super clean and hardy. They also pair very well with any outfit.

Maintenance Tips

Buying relatively expensive shoes requires a handbook in cleaning and upkeep. Many people don’t really know the dos and don’ts of sneaker cleaning and often plop them into a mass of soapy water to clean them when they get dirty.

Never, under any circumstance dip your sneakers in water to clean them; a toothbrush and washcloth should be your only tools here, especially for the Adidas and Vans; the white leather needs minimal cleaning and could do with a little soapy water and a washcloth – to remove stains, a mixture of water and white vinegar will do the trick.

Sneakers are a comfortable addition to anyone’s closet and the three above are a must have for any sensible stunner.

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