Product Review: Yves Rocher Products

Yves Rocher products

From the botanical gardens in France, Yves Rocher offers high-quality cosmetic products that leave your skin looking and feeling youthful. As a first time buyer, I didn’t know what to expect other than what I had heard from others. So, I was excited to try out some of their products. And I can say this, they didn’t disappoint.

  1. Yves Rocher Purifying Micellar Water

Basically, micellar water is a clear liquid that attracts dirt and oil and is used as a basic cleansing product. Yves Rocher’s micellar water cater for both oily and dry skin and leaves your skin dirt-free, smooth and hydrated. Here I thought all micellar waters were the same. After several uses, you can tell the difference in your skin tone as well. Acne scars, which I had a few on my forehead, were less visible. And my favourite part about it was how my skin was naturally glowing. Since I have fairly oily skin, I didn’t have to apply any other product after use. I would also comfortably go for days without wearing any makeup. It truly made me feel like a French beauty.

The 200 ml bottle costs Ksh 1,700 and is available at their physical stores and online.

  1. Yves Rocher Express Eye Makeup Remover

This eye makeup remover is another gentle but effective face product. It removes all eye makeup without rubbing your eye, even waterproof makeup. Its oily formula leaves your eye moisturized which prevents premature wrinkles and reduces the appearance of eye bags. Therefore, if you love wearing heavy eye makeup, I’d recommend investing in a good quality eye makeup.

The 50 ml bottle costs Ksh 200 which is very affordable.


Yves Rocher Eye Makeup Remover & Micellar Water


  1. Yves Rocher Nourishing Lip Balm – Coconut

Dry lips are not attractive at all. Whether you are Team No Makeup or Team Makeup, we all need lip balm to avoid chapped lips. Additionally, if you wear lipsticks, then you should create a base with lip balm to prevent your lips from discolouration. There are three key things that I always look for in a lip balm; scent, moisture and shine. The coconut scent in this lip balm is to die for. Sometimes, I’d apply it even when I didn’t need to just to smell the coconut. It also lasts for a while. The moisture and shine left me very impressed. My lips felt smoother than ever and I could wear just the lip balm on my makeup free days.

It’s available in other flavours like vanilla and mango and costs Ksh 400.

  1. Yves Rocher Moisturizing Hand Cream – Coconut

Your hands need love too since they tend to get dry faster than most parts of your body. Yves Rocher’s hand cream not only moisturizes them but also leaves them smelling just as good as they feel. The product comes in a metallic tube which is in line with Yves Rocher’s campaign to eliminate the use of plastic.

This product comes in a 30ml pack and costs Ksh 400

  1. Yves Rocher Gel Nail Polish – Pink Taupe

When you don’t have time to go get your nails professionally done, you can still enjoy a good manicure at the comfort of your home with this gel nail polish. It’s long-lasting, glossy and I especially love the nude colour. I also found it rather affordable for most gel polishes cost around Ksh 1,000.

This one costs Ksh 600.

This all-rounded beauty company gives you value for your money. I was very satisfied with every purchase and I’m looking forward to trying out more of their products. I purchased my products at their store in The Hub, Karen.

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