12 Travel Hacks You Should Know Before You Take Your Next International Trip

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Travelling is always an exciting experience. However, it can be disappointing as well if you’re ill-prepared especially if you’re going to a different country. From culture shock to navigation, here are some travel hacks you will need the next time you go on an international trip. Also check out The Ultimate Guide To Planning Your First International Trip

  1. Download Offline Google Maps

Whenever you travel, make sure you have navigation or a tour guide. This is not only a life saver but it also saves time. Additionally, you might not have access to the internet. You can get offline maps by searching “ok map” and downloading the app.

  1. Check If Your Mobile Phone Carrier Has International Package

Unless you don’t mind exorbitant roaming charges, switching your data plan to roaming may not be the best option. Nowadays, some telecommunication companies offer international packages. For instance, Airtel Kenya offers a flat rate for callbacks to Kenya across Africa. Not only does this save your coins, but you can also still communicate using your usual number.

  1. Find Accommodation On Airbnb

One of the latest travel hacks is to book an accommodation at an Airbnb as opposed to a hotel. An Airbnb is a much cheaper option and it helps you integrate with the local culture better than staying at a hotel. You’re also likely to have an entire house to yourselves which is twice as fun. All You Need To Know About Airbnb


man at an airport image from https://www.smartertravel.com/how-early-arrive-airport/


  1. Call In Advance Before Booking Online

Many people fall prey to scammers online while booking their accommodation. The safest way to ensure that your accommodation is genuine is to go to the hotel’s official site and contact them directly. Additionally, booking directly eliminate potential headaches that come with dealing with a third party.

This also applies to your preferred airline. If you have any dietary restrictions, it’s advisable to call beforehand to request for a special meal.

  1. Pack Lip Balm, Face Spray And Hand Cream In Your Carry On Luggage

The higher you go the dryer it becomes. Therefore, it’s important to pack moisturizers for your face, lips and hands to avoid dryness, especially on long flights. Make sure that your products are not heavily scented so as to not irritate other passengers. Feminine hygiene products are also essential in your carryon bag. Anything can happen during the flight and its good to be prepared.

  1. Eat Like A Local

Shop at the grocery store or visit the food markets to cut on food costs at expensive restaurants. This is also a great way to experience the local cuisine. You can also stack up on snacks and water to eat throughout the day as opposed to eating lunch at a restaurant which also tends to be expensive.


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  1. Book Your Trip With A Travel Agency

Why go through the hassle of booking everything including flights, hotels and tours, when all that can be taken care of by a travel agency. There are a number of travel agencies including Bonfire Adventures and Bountiful Safaris that cater to vacationers in Kenya. By simply scrolling through their websites, you can find an ideal travel destination, complete with accommodation and activities.

  1. Email Yourself Your Travel documents

It’s very important to have a copy of your passport and ID when you travel in case they get lost. What better way to have them with you than through a digital copy? Make sure everything is visible on the copy.

  1. Get The Entire Row

Most travel hacks are about saving money. However, this one is for when you’re travelling with your spouse or one other person. While booking flight seats, book the window and aisle seat. If you’re not on a busy flight, chances are the middle seat remains unbooked giving you an entire row to yourselves.


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  1. Pack Layerable Clothes

We all have that one friend who packs 3 suitcases of clothes for a one-week vacation. Packing light is one of the most essential travel hacks. To do so, only carry the most necessary things. Additionally, you can pack clothes that can be worn with multiple things as opposed to individual outfits. Travel: 17 Common Packing Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Holiday

11. Carry An Extension Cord And A Multiple Pin Plug

Countries like America use different pin sockets from ours and it’s easy to find yourself without a usable power outlet if you’re not aware of this. To be on the safer side, always carry a multiple pin plug to convert the socket into a usable outlet then plug in an extension cord to charge multiple devices.

12. Use Discount Travel Sites

You don’t have to pay for expensive flights when you have sites like Booking.com around to find cheaper ones. Use such sites to get cheaper flights and save some money.

Hopefully, you will find these travel hacks helpful on your next trip. Not sure what you need for your trip, Here Is An International Travel Checklist You Should Follow

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