Education: The M-Pesa Foundation Academy Is Officially Open!

CEO, Mpesa Foundation Academy Les Bailey taking President Uhuru Kenyatta on a school tour. Imade courtesy of Safaricom PR

On 24th October 2018, M-Pesa Foundation Academy officially opened the school in a grand ceremony.  Guests included His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta, Cabinet Secretary Dr Amina Mohammed and Honorable Moody Awori alongside staff members, parents and students.

The M-Pesa Foundation School provides numerous academic, technological, entrepreneurial and sporting facilities to its students. This is evident with the impressive structures. Brilliant children from less privileged backgrounds have an opportunity to receive a quality education. They can realize their full potential with through a full sponsorship from Mpesa Foundation.

 “I thank M-PESA Foundation for giving a hope and future to thousands of young Kenyans making us believe that our past should not determine our future,” said President Uhuru Kenyatta.

It is located in a serene Mang’u area on a 100-acre land just 6 kilometres from the  Thika Super-highway. The M-PESA Foundation spent a cool 3 billion shillings to ensure the realization of this magnificent dream school. None of the students or their parent ever have to worry about paying a single cent towards their higher education. The students will also receive a full scholarship to any university of their choice, local or international, as long as they get accepted.

At the moment, the M-Pesa Foundation Academy has around 500 students but has the capacity of having 900 students. The school also celebrates and encourages diversity by admitting at least 10 students per county from all 47 counties. Additionally, the ratio of boys to girls is 1:1 according to Joyce Nyawira, a Form 3 student at Mpesa Foundation Academy.


Safaricom’s Technology Director, Thibaud Rerolle at the event, Image courtesy of Safaricom PR

Students are provided with tools to nurture their talents. For instance, its sports facilities occupy 25 acres and include a swimming pool, a tennis court, a track field and basketball court. The school also has a learning-friendly environment. The auditorium sits up to 500 students. Each student is provided with a tablet and classroom equipped with Apple TV that they use during lessons.

To add on, the school strives to empower its students through financial independence by training them on money management skills. Every student has a bank account and an ATM card where they bank any money earned from their start-ups. One student told us she makes milkshakes and sells to the staff and students. Aside from business ventures, students are taught on how to raise funds through shareholding.

“After school, they are encouraged to get in groups, draft a business plan and we’ll give them a cash advance.” Says the Senior Manager at Mpesa Foundation Academy.

The school is also in line with the national curriculum and offers the 8-4-4 system in an intrinsic education style. The teaching staff are also very qualified and have received proper training. One thing that stood out about the students was how focused they all were. The Board also showed appreciation for all Kenyans who use Safaricom services.

“We thank all 23 million Kenyans who use Mpesa services.” Says Les Bailey, CEO, Mpesa Foundation Academy.

Lastly, any interested student can join the M-Pesa Foundation School through an application. The school accepts students from needy backgrounds with exceptional talent with a willingness to realize the school’s goal of developing the leaders of tomorrow.

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