Home Improvement: 5 Ways To Keep Your Shoes Organized

wire mesh used as a shoe rack image from https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/shoe-storage-ideas-tiny-closets

Shoes are a girl’s best friend. This means that most girls have a collection of them. Therefore, it’s easy to have them all over the place if you’re not keen on picking up after yourself. The last thing you want is to have trails of shoes scattered across the floor as this makes your living space untidy.  Here are tips on keeping your shoes organized.


wooden diy ladder shoe shelf
You can make a DIY Ladder. Image from https://makespace.com/blog/posts/store-shoes-boots-sneakers-heels-sandals/

Take Inventory

Sort out your shoes by those you wear regularly, the special occasions one and the ones you’ll probably never wear. This makes it easier to know where to put each pile. For instance, the ones you wear regularly should go by the door while the special occasions ones should be on display. Discard or donate the ones that are worn out or that you may never wear.

Improvise or DIY A Display Case

Transform your room into a high-end shoe store by keeping your best (and expensive) pair of shoes on display. Not only are you creating space for them, but you’re also decorating your room. Make it more personal by building your own display. It’s really not that hard. You can also shop at the flea market or thrift shops for items that can serve as a shoe display such as a ladder or a bookcase.


wire mesh used as a shoe rack image from https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/shoe-storage-ideas-tiny-closets

Space Them Evenly

Don’t put away your measuring tape just yet. It’s important to be consistent when organizing your shoes. The shoe style should be the same on each rack and they are spaced evenly. This avoids making your display look cluttered and disorganized. Trust me, it makes a lot of difference in the end.

Put Them Away Once They’re Off Your Feet

We’re all guilty of kicking off our shoes and leaving them wherever they land. It’s a great feeling to take off your shoes after a long day. However, it’s even better to put them away and not having to worry about them until the next time you need them. Clean them then place them in their respective rack. It’s easier to deal with one pair of shoes at the moment than have them pile up for a week. Caring for leather shoes and jackets

Keep The Boxes

Instead of throwing them out, you can use shoe boxes as a storage box for the pairs that you don’t wear too often. This also keeps them from wear caused by exposure. You can mark your boxes for easy retrieval if you’ll place them somewhere out of reach. Additionally, you should take them out of the box and clean them once in a while to prevent any odours.

An organized home starts at the door when you take off your shoes. Ensure that your hallway is rid of shoes to make your home look more presentable then start working on a shoe rack. Your house will not only look neater but you will also feel more comfortable than you were before. Check out this article on How To Store Shoes, Boots & Sneakers for more awesome tips on storage, and cleaning your shoes.

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