Health & Fitness: 7 Tips For Working Out During The Cold Weather

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The weather greatly influences our mood as well as daily activities including workout routines. It’s difficult to do outdoor workouts in the cold weather. However, this shouldn’t be an excuse to be a homebody. Working out during the cold weather is also important since we tend to bulk up when it’s cold. Therefore, here are tips on how to work out when it’s cold.

  1. Set An Alarm

If you’re finding it hard to work out in the morning during the cold weather, this is completely normal. Make sure you get enough rest during the night to make your mornings a lot easier. Go to bed earlier than usual and set a wake-up alarm if it’s not possible to wait until sunrise. Additionally, getting enough rest gives you a burst of energy in the morning.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Water is like fuel for the body. Drinking water is mandatory during any workout session despite the weather. The amount of water recommended is 8 glasses of water throughout the day. Additionally, you should keep your skin hydrated since cold weather means that the air will be drier than usual. Protect the sensitive areas of your face like the nose, lips and forehead. Skincare: 12 Skin Care Tips For Cold Weather

  1. Wear Tight Clothes

The reason you see many professional athletes in tight workout clothes isn’t that they’re showing off their physique. Tight clothes increase blood circulation which helps you perform better. In the cold weather, they help you keep warm and prevent cold-related injuries during your workout. It also helps athletes resist fatigue and keep their coordination.


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  1. Warm Up

Stretching helps increase your body temperature and loosens up your muscles. Waring up will improve your muscle compliance which prevents muscle cramps. An effective warm-up should activate your muscles by taking you through a range of motions. Therefore, your warm up during the cold weather should involve more movements. 10 Reasons Why You Should Practice Yoga

  1. Get The Timing Right

Just like in the hot weather, there are times when it gets extremely cold or it starts raining. Know the most conducive time to work out during the cold weather. Additionally, don’t be a tough guy if the weather isn’t letting up. You can create a home workout routine for days like those instead of taking the risk and working out outside.

  1. Layer Up

Whether you’re outdoors or indoors, make sure you wear warm clothes when working out during the cold weather. However, avoid clothes made from cotton or wool as they are bulky and can cause irritation if they come in contact with your skin. The best fabrics to wear when you’re working out are spandex and polypropylene. The idea is to keep warm but not to be soaking wet from sweat as this will drastically drop your body temperature when you slow down.

  1. Plug-In

Everybody needs extra motivation to do things during the cold weather. Therefore, if you’re feeling unmotivated to workout, play your favourite playlist or watch your favourite show as you work out. This will distract you from the workout and will help shake off the sluggish feeling.

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