Beauty Hacks: 6 Hair Tips For Busy Moms

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It’s no secret that being a mom involves a lot of sacrifices for the sake of the children. Sometimes, that means letting go of their physical appearance. Let’s face it, many ladies can’t make a few hours for the salon and they don’t have children yet. However, these hair hacks will ensure that busy moms look like a snack as they prepare their children’s snacks.

  1. Messy Bun

Busy moms invented the messy bun. Not only does it get your hair out of the way, but it’s also quick and requires almost no skill at all. Additionally, a bun elevates your looks by giving you a natural facelift making you look youthful. You can include a filler to create a doughnut bun which many celeb moms like Kim Kardashian spot on numerous occasions.


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  1. Wear A Head Wrap

Another holy grail for busy moms is the head wrap. Sometimes, the day you have a lot on your plate is the same day your hair refuses to cooperate. These things happen. That’s when it’s time to throw on a stylish head wrap. Whether you’re running errands, shopping for groceries or taking the kids to school, a head wrap does the trick.


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  1. Deep Condition With Coconut Oil

One of the reasons hair becomes unmanageable is because we don’t pay it the attention it deserves. A few minutes of hair care per week could save you a lot of hours and headaches. Make sure you condition your hair to ensure that it remains soft and prevents excessive breakage. Your hair doesn’t have to suffer because you’re too busy. You can apply coconut oil before bed then wash it out in the morning.


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  1. Touch Up Gray Roots With Eyeshadow

Ageing comes with greying. For some, this happens prematurely due to various reasons such as stress or genes. If you don’t have time to go to the salon and get your roots professionally dyed, you can use eyeshadow as a quick fix. Look for a colour matte that matches your hair colour and apply it on your part or any visible areas.


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  1. Hair Bands Are Your Besties

Keep a couple of hair bands on you at all times. Apart from keeping hair out of your face while doing mommy duties, it’s also a way to ensure that your baby doesn’t tug and pull your hair too much. Children love pulling things that are near them.  So, to save yourself unnecessary pain, hold your hair in a ponytail.


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  1. Embrace Short Hair

When you have a toddler on your arm and house chores to do, your hair should be the last thing you worry about. If you’ve tried maintaining your hair but it gives you more pain than pleasure, let it go. You will notice many moms rocking short hair. It gets to that point in life where short hair is one less problem. Before taking scissors and doing it yourself, visit a professional hairdresser to make sure you fall in love with your new haircut.


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