Series Review: The End Of The F***ing World

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The End Of The F***ing World is a British dark comedy-drama series. From the title, you can tell that they don’t hold back and nothing is off the table. This gives the series a rich and different style of entertainment. That said, all 8 episodes of the first season contain very mild profanities.

It starts off strong with James, a 17-year-old boy living with his single dad, introducing himself as a psychopath. It then goes on to show a disturbing history of animal killing and self-harm.  He even kills his neighbour’s cat. As I said, they don’t hold back. It gets better for him and the audience, though.

During a school lunch, Alissa, a new girl at his school with a mouth like a sailor finally realizes she can’t stand her friends anymore and goes to sit with James. They instantly have a connection and James think she’d be “interesting to kill.” He asks her out on a date, they talk about how much they hate their town then she goes home where her mom is hosting a party. As she helps around the kitchen, her stepdad touches her inappropriately as her mom walked in. Instead of facing the truth, she takes her husband’s side who tells Alyssa to leave.

She then goes to James’ house and asks him to help her find her real dad. They take his father’s car and don’t go very far with it as they get into an accident. The pair finds themselves penniless and with no means of getting to their destination. They hitch a ride from a truck driver who Alyssa eventually robs after she finds him molesting James which isn’t the worst thing that would happen during their trip.


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The End Of The F***ing World attracts an audience with a dark sense of humour. The two main characters portray the life of teenagers who absolutely hate their lives, don’t really care about anything and eventually fall in love with each other. this may be a cliche storyline but there’s nothing cliche about this series.

It is a very well scripted series as well as an impressive cast. You may recognize James (Alex Lawther) from Black Mirror. Though the show heavily focusses on the two main characters, the minor character play significant roles in telling the story. For instance, James’ dad rarely appears but each time he does he paints the picture of a father in denial who lets his son get away with murder, literally. It is through him, that several revelations come to light.

The 20-minute episodes felt quite short, to be honest. Not to mention the series only has 8 episodes.  Though everything is well covered, the storyline felt slightly rushed through and sometimes, I needed to know more which didn’t happen.

All in all, The End Of The F***ing World is a must watch so grab some popcorn and keep an open mind. You may also need to download Shazam because the music might be the best part of the series.

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