The Annual Greek Food Festival At DusitD2 Nairobi Is Happening Right Now


On the 16th November 2018, the award-winning DusitD2 Hotel, Nairobi, kicked off its annual Greek Food Festival.  The festival will run all week to the 24th November 2018. This is its 2nd Greek Food Festival which is exclusive to the hotel and it aims to introduce a slice of the Greek culture to Nairobi diners.


Through the Greek Food Festival, the SOKO Restaurant pays homage to Greek culture by offering an array of delicious and authentic Greek cuisine. Some of the dishes on the menu include dishes including shrimps saganaki, fava beans with caper leaves, traditional Greek salad, traditional ‘moussaka’, chicken stew with ‘tarhana’, traditional Greek ‘Galaktobouriko’, just to name a few.


steamed mussels with Ouzo image courtesy of DusitD2


The meals are all prepared by executive sous chefs from Greece with years of experience. Chef Giorgios Papadopoulos has extensive experience in the culinary field, having worked for over 25 years. He is currently the Executive Chef at the Five Star Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel in Greece. Additionally, he has been accompanied by his Assistant and Chef, George Dospras who has 16 years’ experience. He also works at the Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel.


lamb chops with rosemary image courtesy of DusitD2


Apart from the finger-licking food, you will also enjoy Greek wines at discounted prices courtesy of VIVA Global. Lastly, fine dining must be accompanied by live entertainment. This will be provided by Angelos Christopoulos, a bouzouki player from Greece.


Shrimp saganaki image courtesy of DusitD2

If you have been craving to try out new cuisine, this is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of Greek. All this totals to Ksh 2,500 for the buffet option inclusive of a shot of Ouzo. Doors open from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm. Head on to DusitD2 and feast like a Greek.

For reservations, you can email [email protected]

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