Self Care: 5 Fun Ways To Spend Your Me Time

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Being an adult is hectic especially since there’s always someone who needs something from you. Apart from that, you also have to deal with your own fair share of issues. This can make you feel overwhelmed and leave you craving to take a break.

Spending some quality, me-time away from everyone and everything may be the best way to recharge yourself. With more people suffering from stress and depression, taking some time off has never been as important. Here are some fun ways you can spend your me-time.

  1. Try Something New

This is the perfect excuse to try new things whether it’s food, classes or skills. Thanks to the power of the internet everything is readily available and doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to learn something. There are easy ways to learn new recipes through watching YouTube tutorials or learn a dance move that you’ve been dying to try out. Improve your life while spending some time by yourself. The best part is if you fail, no one will ever know.

  1. Watch A New Show On Showmax or Netflix

Don’t you just hate it when you’re friends are discussing a new show and you have no idea what they’re talking about? Take this free time to binge watch all the new popular shows so you’re not left in the dark next time people are talking about it. You can even order take out and treat yourself to dinner and a movie like the king/queen you are. 14 Shows That Are Perfect For Binge Watching On Showmax


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  1. Go On A Walk

We spend a lot of time seated behind our desks that going on a walk seems thrilling. However, this kind of walk isn’t just the physical act of moving. It’s a way of reflecting, gathering your thoughts and clearing your head. Additionally, it’s important to take some time off everything and soak in some sun. You can even use your morning commute to your advantage if you don’t get enough me time. Forests are also great for walks as they are both scenic and peaceful. Don’t forget to carry some water and a book to read. Or go cycling – 5 Health Benefits of Cycling

  1. Explore The City

The city bares hidden gems waiting to be discovered. So, if you’re into discovering new places, this would be an ideal me-time activity. Keeping yourself on the go will make it seem like an adventure. Create a list of places you want to discover from Google maps and make it some sort of treasure hunt. This will help you find new places to try out some of your favourite things next time you want to indulge. Additionally, you will feel rewarded for discovering these gems.

  1. Splurge On Yourself

Often times, people deny themselves pleasure in the name of saving. Spending money doesn’t qualify as “fun” to most people but nobody regrets dining at a 5-star restaurant or visiting a park. Take a day off and spend money on life experiences rather than shopping. Not only will you be creating lasting memories but also tick off some things on your bucket list while spending quality me-time. They say, “life is short, take that trip.”

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