Relationships: 10 Ways To Break The Ice On A First Date

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First comes the awkward silence, then comes love. Recently, I’ve been binge-watching a particular dating show and the amount of cringe makes me never want to go on a date again. First dates are rough since you’re meeting the person for the first time. Since you barely know what your date likes, here are some tips on breaking the ice on a first date. Here are tips to ask him or her out if you haven’t already – How to ask someone out

  1. Meet Somewhere Relaxed

You want the day to be somewhere memorable but comfortable for both of you. Therefore, consider the ambience, location and cost of the place. If you’re uncomfortable with long conversations, you can pick a location with activities that your date is likely to enjoy like board games or karaoke. 5 Fun Date Ideas

  1. Tell A Joke

Laughter is the best medicine. Also, girls love a guy who can make them laugh. Make fun about how nervous you were for the date. Not only will you make her laugh but also put her more at ease with you. As they say, it’s never that serious.

  1. Compliment Them

Most people struggle in the compliments department. They either forgo the whole thing or when they pay you a compliment, it comes off as generic. If you want to leave an impression on a first date, be more specific. For instance, compliment their nail polish and ask their favourite colour. This shows interests and makes conversation.


Couple having dinner. Image from
  1. Ask About Their Profile

If you met online, a good icebreaker is asking them to talk about their social media or dating profile. Try asking more open-ended questions about things that caught your eye. Additionally, you can get them to talk about their interests if they’re listed them down.

  1. Ask About Pets

People love talking about their furry friends. Ask them if they have (or had) any pets. This is a great way to find out more about them as on story about a pet leads to more stories. Additionally, you will be able to tell if pets will a deal breaker for your date.


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  1. Talk About Current Affairs

There’s nothing like bonding over celebrity gossip. Talk about the latest scandals or get some ideas from social media. However, avoid talking about politics and religion as things may get heated really fast with these topics.

  1. Ask Deep Questions

Deep topics tend to have longevity as opposed to small talk. Additionally, this can be the highlight of your day. You can use this tip with any topic. However, pick an interesting topic that both of you are likely to be acquainted with.

  1. Share Experiences

Where you find common ground with your date, share an experience on the same. For instance, if you both attended a certain event, tell your perspective. This builds trust and adds things that you have in common with each other.

  1. Exude Confidence

The most important thing is that your date gets a glimpse of your personality so, just relax. Don’t try too hard to impress as this might backfire. Your date is likely to be at ease if you appear confident. Remember to have fun.

  1. Keep It Short And Sweet

The sooner you end the date, the more likely you are to end on a good note. It also makes both you and your date open up immediately thus avoiding the dreaded awkward silence. Your first date is likely to stay on track if you keep it brief.

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