4 Activities You Should Do To Improve Your Essay Writing Skills


Are you struggling with writing an English essay?

Don’t worry you are not alone. Many students are also facing the same challenges trying to improve their skills in this area. Essay writing is a skill that you can become better at. First, you need to know the basics of writing an essay. Generally, when writing a piece, you should provide a substantial topic that you’ll support by relevant evidence. You can use secondary sources of information like books, journals etc or you can do your own research or you can use both primary and secondary research. Essay research should follow a set of standard guidelines. Catching up with basic principles of essay writing allows you to write a valuable, persuasive paper.

Remember complex writing skills is one of the requirements of joining a college. From the first year to final year, you will go through a lot of academic writing, and if you possess excellent writing skills, you will automatically do better at everything. Exceptional writing skills come in handy when writing your essays, exams, assignments and other coursework.

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One of the teacher’s main roles is to help the student improve their writing skills. The teacher should teach new skills so that the student can become a better individual by the end of their high school graduation. Teachers need to understand that they have a responsibility to help their students become better essay writers. They should take more responsibility when it comes to helping more students acquire writing skills. Even though you can improve your writing skills without working hard and desiring to make progress, your teacher should get involved and make a significant impact on your essay writing.

In this article, you will learn about the tips on how to improve your essay writing skills. The tips include what you should do each day, weekly and monthly.

How to improve your writing skills every day?

Daily things that you can do to improve your essay writing skills include random sentence building such as writing a description of the photos you post on social media. You can also develop your writing skills, by reading how to write and following famous writers and reading their books.

1. Random Sentence Building

Writing descriptions of the photos you see on your social networks can help you in creating random sentences. This is one of the most effective actions to help you improve your essay writing skills. Look at the photos posted and write what the picture is about. This works the same as opening a book to look at a sentence and using the sentence to begin a story of your own in a quest to improve your writing. This activity helps you build on what the picture is about, and the description can go anywhere when you already have a start. The description doesn’t have to be exactly what the photo shows, but another aspect, such as what you like about it and its background when it was taken. This allows you to expand the idea in a way that you are not just practising your actual writing, but you are required to become creative.

2. Reading: How to Write And Follow Famous Writers

Reading on how to write isn’t a direct action to help you improve your writing skills, it’s a great habit to have in the quest to becoming a good writer. When you read your mind is very relaxed, which may not always happen when you are in a learning situation. Reading has so many benefits, and the list is endless for writers. For example, when you pick up a novel to read it and you take note of the writing style used by the writer, you will end up using some of those techniques and style to help improve your essay writing. Take some time to read on the best way to write an essay as well as reading famous writers’ content to enhance your style.

3. Activities to Improve Your Essay Writing Weekly

Some of the activities you can include in your weekly schedule to improve your writing skills include:

  • Read the news to know what is happening 
  • Learn new writing styles.
  • Write on your blog.

Reading the news and books helps you keep stay updated on the current trends, ideas and styles of writing.

Writing can be daunting, but the best way to improve is to get writing now. Start your blog and get into the actual writing. Be sure to write several versions of each text and improve each until you are satisfied with the draft you will publish on your blog. 

Always remember practice makes perfect, so now it’s time to develop your essay writing skills by regular reading, acquiring new writing skills and consistent writing.

4. Monthly Activities to Improve Your Writing Skills

Most students balk the idea of standing in front of a stranger or another student and baring their souls to the world. To improve your writing skill, join a workshop or a webinar. This will immensely improve your writing skills and you will have a lot of fun engaging with people looking to learn. Unlike in the past when it was hard to join a workshop, today professional development groups are becoming widely popular. You can join one from the comfort of your computer. If you are writing skills are extremely poor, try taking some extra courses or engaging with a tutor.

Lastly, becoming a great writer takes time; so don’t be in a hurry. Start today and practice the art of essay writing every day. Create a habit of writing each day and after a while, you will learn to be consistent, a crucial skill for writers. 

Start by brushing up on your basic principles such as grammar, spelling and writing style or find a great writing partner or consult an essay writing service where you can find professional assistants at a pretty price. Always discard the first draft and rewrite your work several times. Don’t get stuck if you don’t know how to write essays. You can consult one of the best writing services online. You can hire professional writers to help you perfect your essays and they will help you improve your essay writing skills as you learn more about the topic.

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