Home Improvement: 10 Ways To Baby Proof Your Home


It’s important to baby proof your home as this reduces the risk of injuries to your child. Having a child means creating a safe, worry-free environment for them. Common injuries that children may incur around the home include falling, burns, poisoning, drowning and choking. Here are ways to baby proof your home.


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  1. Keep Bathrooms Locked And Secured

Most home injuries happen in the bathroom. Therefore, this poses quite the risk for your baby. From drowning to infections, the bathroom should be one of the key areas to baby proof. Ensure that the doors remain locked at all time. You could install automatic locks. Additionally, you should secure the toilet lid with child-proof locks.

  1. Install An Approved Baby Seat

Form the time you leave the hospital; your baby will ride in a car. Therefore, buying a car seat should be on your baby proof checklist. Find out which car seats are suitable for different ages. You can also watch YouTube videos to learn how to install a car seat. Here’s one.

  1. Check The Crib

Babies spend a lot of time sleeping. Ensure that the crib is properly screwed and the slats are well spaced so that your child does not get stuck. The mattress should fit the crib to precision leaving no gaps. Additionally, keep the crib away from windows and hanging wall decorations.

  1. Declutter Your Living Space

Once they learn how to walk, simple things like a rug could become tripping hazards. Keep your décor to the minimum. You can swap the coffee table for an ottoman which can also serve as a toy store. Make sure there is enough space for mobility without the risk of an accident.

  1. Install Outlet Covers

Think of outlet covers as inexpensive peace of mind. These are one of the most useful baby proof items you’ll buy. Power outlets are usually in your child’s reach. Additionally, a child’s curiosity will eventually lead them to one of these outlets. Ensure that they are covered at all times.

  1. Keep Toys Within Reach

A great way to keep a child out of trouble if by distracting them. However, you’re not always going to be around to play with them. Make sure their toys are somewhere they can easily reach. Keep them organized in a basket and teach them to put them away after playtime.

  1. Secure Your Cooker

Children may wander in the kitchen as you cook. To prevent burns, always use the back burners as they won’t be able to reach. Additionally, secure the knobs and the oven door when you’re done with the cooking. If possible, swap your kitchen appliances for ones that are more baby proof. Keep hot pans and pots away from baby’s reach.

  1. Keep A Drawer Kid-Friendly

Having your child shadowing you as you go about your business can be distracting. To keep them pre-occupied, ensure there is a bottom level drawer in that room that they can open and play with its contents. Not only will this keep them busy but it will also reduce their curiosity to snoop in the other drawers.

  1. Have Baby Wipes At All Times

This essential baby proof product is a must-have for all parents. You cannot prevent your child from playing and exploring the surrounding but you can prevent them from germ-related illnesses. Make sure you wipe your child after playtime whether they were inside or outside. Stash a couple of baby wipes around the house and in your baby bag.

  1. Breathe

One of the best ways to keep your baby safe is being present. Worrying and going overboard with the baby proof might be more hazardous than you think. Take your time to baby proof. Do your research and talk to other parents.

Pro-Tip: Crawl on the floor for a few minutes to get your child’s perspective. Note any accident-prone areas that need to be baby proofed.

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