8 Tips To Create An Instagram Account Worth Following

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You might be late to join Instagram but better late than sorry, right? According to this Forbes article, Instagram is the top social platform for engagement with up to 500 million active users. In other words, Instagram is synonymous to a business card. Whether you’re starting a personal or business account, here are tips to create a popping Instagram account.

  1. Know Your Audience

As earlier mentioned, Instagram is a powerful tool for your brand. Therefore, it’s important to know what your audience needs. If you have other successful social media accounts, the better. Interpret that content in visual form. If your audience is into travelling, create a travel account.

  1. Have A Theme

Picking a theme for your account depends on variables such as personality, target audience and purpose of the account. This will be like your visual personality. Therefore, pick a theme that taps into your personality. Some cool themes include chic, minimalist, glamorous, feminine or natural.

  1. Choose An Aesthetic

You may have heard many Instagram influencers talk about aesthetic. This determines the first impression people get of your account. Therefore, it’s very important as it will have an effect on whether that person chooses to follow you or not. Your feed’s appearance is everything. Make it look pleasing to the eye.

  1. Capture With Your Eyes First

Unleash your inner photographer. Instead of taking 100 shots, take your time to capture that one perfect shot. Observe your surroundings to get the best location. Taking too many pictures might make you lose sight of the important ones. If you’re stranded, seek inspiration from photographers on the platform. Phone Photography: How To Do An Awesome Photo Shoot With A Smartphone 

person taking a picture on their phone image from http://www.justlikesushi.com/5-tips-for-a-color-themed-instagram-feed/
  1. Use Different Angles

Try shooting from different perspectives to give your account a unique look. Chances are, many people have already taken pictures at all the popular places. So, to make your Instagram stand out, add your own touch. Improvise with things lying around. You’ll be surprised how much difference these small changes make.

  1. Master Editing Tools

Most Instagram posts are slightly tweaked to create a picture-perfect post. Learn how to use some of these tools. Consider how results will fit in your feed and ALWAYS use the same filter for every photo. Be extra careful when using Photoshop. Don’t use it if you’re not conversant with the way it works.

  1. Use Hashtags

One of the most effective ways to make your account noticeable is to use hashtags. Check out popular hashtags on Instagram then use them on your posts. This will not only get you more likes but it will also grow your followers faster. However, avoid follow trains as this attracts many spam accounts. Use hashtags that are most relevant to your account’s theme.

  1. Preview Your Feed

Plan ahead and picture how your post will look like. Once you have a look in mind, think of images that would make that aesthetic come to life. For instance, coffee shops provide cool background images. The easiest way to make your feed look consistent is by posting three photos from the same shoot.

It’s work, I know. However, Instagram has the potential to elevate your brand once you’ve mastered the app.

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