City Guide: 5 Art Galleries To Visit In Nairobi

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Are you an art lover or thinking of exploring the art scene in Nairobi? Well, you’re in luck because the city is blessed with a rich, vibrant art scene. Though still very underrated, art galleries are some of the coolest hangout spots in town.  These art galleries will satisfy your eyes as you marvel at the talent.

  1. Upepo Photography Gallery

Photography has become a favourite pastime for many but for some, this is their career. This gallery, located at Artists Collective in Kilimani, is fairly new since it was founded in 2017 but it has already made quite a name for itself. It features photography art by local photographers. The frames are also handcrafted in Kenya. They pride themselves in being 100% Kenyan. Interested art lovers can purchase one of a kind photographs from the gallery.

  • Shifteye Studios

Shifteye Studios provides a space for any type of creative to showcase their work. This beautifully designed space hosts both a photography studio and an art gallery open to the public. Additionally, they host numerous events where such talents are showcased to a wider audience.  It has a modern, creative and ambient feeling with bright coloured walls and beautiful art. Their studio is located at the Priory Place in Hurlingham and is open on weekdays from 10 AM to 5.30 PM.

  • Nairobi Gallery

You don’t have to travel to the outskirt of Nairobi to find art galleries. The Nairobi Gallery is a monumental building located along Kenyatta Avenue, one of Nairobi’s iconic streets. This often overlooked building houses some of Africa’s hidden gems including jewellery from different countries. It’s a great way to learn about Africa’s history through art. There’s also an art gallery in the building with very beautiful paintings that are available for sale.  It open daily from  8.30 am to 5 pm.

  • One Off Contemporary Art Gallery

Different art galleries offer different kinds of art. The One Off Contemporary Art Gallery is a curated gallery run by its founder, Carol Lees. It displays contemporary art by East African artists exclusively. Located at Rosslyn Lone Tree Estate offLimuru Road, this gallery offers interesting and thought-provoking art pieces at its exhibitions. It is open every Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. Additionally, they have popup exhibitions mostly at Rosslyn Rivera Mall and Sankara Hotel.

  • Polka Dot Gallery

This all-rounded art gallery showcases pieces from both local and international artists. It offers a beautiful, unique space where art lovers in the city can fully immerse themselves in the arts. The gallery carries everything from photography to sculptures. It’s also home to a number of events all year and workshops where people can take art classes. Polka Dot Gallery is located at The Souk opposite The Hub Mall inKaren. It opens Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm.

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