Social Etiquette: 8 Simple Rules Of Hooking Up

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Hooking up, friends with benefits or, if you want to say it bluntly, casual sex can be fun and easy if you’re not looking for a serious relationship. It’s natural to want to get some every now and then. However, there are certain rules that should be followed if you’re thinking of hooking up.

Know What You’re Getting Into

It’s easier to know a booty call if you’ve just met. However, if your long-time crush finally pays attention to you but all they want is to do is hook up, then accept things as they are. This doesn’t mean that you should compromise your expectations. Just don’t agree to hook up if you’re thinking they’ll be interested in a relationship later.

Don’t Be In A Rush To Leave

Even if you’re just hooking up, many women prefer a little cuddle session after sex. Staying in bed for another hour won’t mean you are now married. Additionally, you shouldn’t urge her to leave immediately. This is not just disrespectful; it’s also inconveniencing trying to get back home in the middle of the night. Also don’t be that Muthaiga Map Guy?

Be Cool With His Friends

If you get the chance to meet his friends, don’t make things awkward. A simple name introduction will suffice then you can carry on with your lives. Don’ttry to back him into a corner by asking questions like, “yea, Brian, what are we?” You should know what you are by that time. Besides, you’ll save yourself the embarrassment of him trying to indirectly deny any relationship.

Always Use Protection

If you’re going to have sex with random people, at least be safe about it. A recent study showed that about 300,000 youths in Kenya are living with HIV. As a man, the least you can do is bring a condom. However, safety is as much the man’s problem as it the woman’s. Therefore, both of you should have some form of protection from sexually transmitted infections and pregnancies. Never have unprotected sex with someone who you’re not in a faithful relationship with.

Check In With Them

The most important thing in any relationship is to clearly communicate with each other. Talk to them to find out if you are on the same page before you hook up and in the event that you are not, let them know as well. Most importantly, if you develop feelings for your partner, you should definitely have a discussion. Make things clear about what you want.

Don’t Form A Routine

Routines often lead to feelings. Avoid meeting up at scheduled times as this creates an impression that it’s more than hooking up.  Additionally, it takes away the spontaneity of casual sex. Instead, try spacing out your meetups. You can call them randomly after a night out.

Treat Them Like A Friend

If you weren’t friends initially, then hooking up will surely develop some sort of friendship. Hang out with them and treat them like any other guest. Offer them food or a drink, learn something about them and most importantly, make them feel comfortable.

Have Fun With It

The whole essence of hooking up is to have fun. So, don’t do the same things you do when in a relationship. You can play a character, try different things in bed and just loosen up. This will make the experience worth it for the both of you.

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