Social Etiquette: 10 Fine Dining Rules You Must Know

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You need to know a few things about fine dining in case you ever find yourself dining with some VIPs or at a fancy restaurant. Though it’s not a do or die situation, knowing simple dining etiquette will save you a lot of embarrassment. Here are some simple fine dining rules you should know of.

  • Make An Effort To Dress Up

It’s the 21st Century and somehow it’s acceptable to wear sneakers everywhere. However, many fine dining restaurants expect a bit more thought into your outfit. Some might even deny you service if you’re not dressed formally. So do your research on the restaurant/event and wear something that matches the vibe.

  • Wait To Be Seated

Every fine dining restaurant has a concierge who will show you to your preferred seat. If you’re having a dinner party or on a date, wait for the rest of your party to arrive before sitting. This saves everybody a lot to energy trying to find one another.

  • Keep Your Phone Off The Table

While dining at a  fancy restaurant, you want to be in the moment. Things like phones and other personal effects should be away from reach as they can be distracting. Put the phone on silent if you cannot miss a call and always excuse yourself if you need to pick it up.

  • Never Lift Your Menu Off The Table

Your menu should always be touching the table at one point. If you have to lift the menu, make sure the corners are still touching the table.

  • Deciphering Your Cutlery

Don’t be intimidated by the collection of forks, knives and spoons on your table. A simple rule is to start from the outside then work your way in. This means that your starters cutlery will be on the outermost column. Additionally, your dessert cutlery will be set horizontally across your plate to be used later.

  • It’s Okay To Take Pictures

You’re are in a nice restaurant, why not capture the moment? Some restaurants may encourage you to take pictures and tag them on social media. It’s the millennial way after all. However, don’t make a scene or distract other tables while doing so.

  • Know Where To Place Your Napkin

Most people prefer placing the napkin on their lap, though you can tuck it in your collar. If you need to get up, place the napkin on the chair to let the waiter know you’re not done eating yet.

  • Do Not Cut Bread With A Knife

It’s often confusing what to use when eating certain foods like bread. Naturally, we use our hands when handling bread and the same goes while fine dining. However, you should place the bread on a plate and cut it into bite-sized pieces with your hands then proceed to eat.

  • Don’t Reach Over People

If you need anything, kindly wait for the server to get to you instead of stretching your arm over people. This is not only rude but it is also unsanitary. Or you can ask the person next to you to pass something

  • Don’t Be Ashamed To Pack Left Overs

It’s not “baller” to order expensive food then barely touch it. In fact, it’s quite insulting to throw away half eaten food. Not to mention, it’s wasteful.  Ask your server to pack a doggie bag for you if you’re unable to finish your meal. Besides, a gentleman is never ashamed to ask for a doggie bag.

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