The Other Woman: A Love Affair Brewed In A Café

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He came at the café where I worked as a waitress one early morning looking stressed. The restaurant was barely open. We hadn’t even finished setting up but it didn’t seem to bother him. Since I was the only waitress on call, and with not much to do, I quickly went to his booth and asked if he was ready to order.

“Bring me a double shot espresso and the paper please.” He replied without looking up at me. I nodded, not that he would have seen.

I returned shortly with his order and the day’s newspaper in hand. After handing it to him, he finally looked at me and acknowledged me. It wasn’t common for guys not to flirt with me at the café. However, most of them were taxi drivers and construction workers. It wasn’t a very fancy café.

He looked sharp. His pinstripe suit matched and the shoes had no single trace of dirt. I lingered around his table for a while pretending to clean the area. He was too engrossed in the paper to pay me any mind but I still tried.

“Congratulations,” I said. Usually, we made conversation with every customer who came in.

“Huh?” he didn’t seem to understand me. At that time, the paper was opened on the wedding page.

“Well, you’re either getting married or you really love weddings,” I answered leaning against the table.

He laughed then said, “My sister’s getting married.”

That was around two months ago, and he became a regular at the café. Sometimes he’d come in twice and he always left a generous tip. We quickly became friends and I’d join him for a cup of coffee when the café wasn’t so busy. We’d text back and forth all day, sometimes flirting. I won’t deny, he was very attractive. However, something about him smelt like a love affair.

Then, out of the blue, he asked me out.

“Do you want to have dinner with me?”

“Sure,” I replied. “When?”

“Right now.” He said

“Umm..yea. Let me place the order for you.”

“Not here. Somewhere else.”

I was in baggy mom jeans, a crop top and tennis shoes. On the other hand, he was in one of his usual perfect, tailor-made suits. There was no way I was going out to dinner looking like that.

“I can’t. I’m not really dressed for dinner.”

“Then why don’t you go get changed and I’ll send you an Uber to the hotel.”

It took me a while to realize I wasn’t dreaming. All I could think about was this utterly charming man as I rode the bus to my apartment. I knew I would sleep with him that night. To be honest, I would have slept with him the first day we met.

He was special and that night, he was pulling all stops to impress me, even bought me a bouquet of flowers. Apparently, people still do that.

“I hope this is real. I don’t want another love affair.” I remember saying to myself.

The hotel looked more stunning than I imagined. The entrance was all gold with black marble floors. I could hear my footsteps echo due to the building’s vastness. Soon, I was met by the concierge who asked if I had a reservation.

“No,” I replied. “I’m meeting Alex.”

You could tell I found the environment quite strange. I kept looking around, admiring the art on the wall and thinking about how I looked out of place.

“We do have an Alex, ma’am. Please come this way.”

I walked with him until we reached Alex’s table. He jumped up on seeing me then met me with a hug and kiss on the cheek. It must have been the dress. It was the same dress I wore to numerous failed dates in the past but it still looked brand new.

The waiter took our orders and the rest of the night, we sipped champagne like royalty. The only other time I had drunk champagne was at my mother’s fourth wedding. I was a little excited and nervous. Alex complimented me a lot which made me nervous. Additionally, he kept touching my thighs.

“Are you having fun?” he asked with a cheeky smile on his face.


“Do you want to go somewhere else with me?”

I agreed again and he took me to his hotel room, my champagne glass still in hand. He opened the door to a massive hotel room.

“What do you think?” he asked as I walked around in awe.

“It’s bigger than my apartment.”

He laughed and jumped on the bed, put some music on then he asked me to dance which I did. He watched me for a few minutes as I spun, twerked and shook my waist. I was a fairly good dancer. Then, he pulled me in and kissed me gently. Before I knew it, it was morning and my boss wasn’t happy that I wasn’t at the café.

This continued for the next month. We’d meet at the hotel room almost thrice every week. We never went to his house which was a clear tell that this was a love affair. One day, he received a call late at night. He usually didn’t pick any calls when we were together, but this one seemed urgent. I tried checking who it was but he was quick. He went to the balcony and stayed outside for about 30 minutes.

“What’s wrong?” it had been a while since I saw that stressed face.

“My sister. She’s just worried about the wedding.” He answered brushing it off.

“Speaking of, are you going to take me as your date?” I answered, bubbly.

“Aah… Well, It’s a pretty intimate affair. I doubt if I’ll bring anyone.”

Intimate? I wondered. Yet she had an advertisement in the newspaper. Something didn’t feel right. It was hard, but I finally got a hold of his phone when he went to get us some breakfast. He always said room service was too overpriced.

After scrolling through some business texts, I saw a name with a number that had a thread of text conversations. I opened the messages and the first one read, “My dress doesn’t fit. I think I’ve gained a little bit.”

“Oh, maybe this is what his sister was worried about.” I thought smiling and went to close the app. I tried hard to believe I wasn’t caught in a love affair. On the corner of my eye, I saw another text that said, “my love.”

“My love? Who calls their brother my love?”

I continued reading the texts and it was evident that Alex was, in fact, the one getting married. I felt numb. My brain went into overdrive and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I hoped it was a big misunderstanding but I knew it wasn’t. I had seen it one too many times. At least this time my love affair was with someone rich.

Before he came back, I wrote the number down. She didn’t have to marry a man who’d cheat on her for months before her wedding. No one should have to marry that kind of a man.

A few hours after I parted ways with Alex, I texted the fiancé. Why wouldn’t I? I sent screenshots of all the text messages between me and Alex, including pictures we took together. I also let her know that I and her fiance were having a love affair. She didn’t reply. Not at first. The wedding was the next day and I thought she’d gone through with it.

That night, the same number called my phone. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be caught up in a love affair. Yet, there I was, ducking calls from another woman.

I hesitated to answer at first but she texted and said she just wanted to talk. She asked how I met him and if I knew of their engagement which I replied no. She asked if I had spoken to him that day. I hadn’t.

In fact, I didn’t hear from him since. I was a bit worried since he knew where I lived and worked. However, it was a month later and nothing seemed suspicious.

On one hand, I was thankful that he didn’t bother me. However, the other side of me couldn’t help but feel like he used me for an exciting love affair.  It’s not all fun and games being the other woman.

**This is a completely fictional story about the other woman’s side. It is connected to this captivating story about a woman who read her cheating fiance’s texts as her vows after she found out he was cheating on her the day before the wedding.**


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