Travel Skincare Tips For That Vacation Glow Up

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During the festive season, many people head down to the Coast for some sun and sand. While most of them may be headed there to get a tan, get some Vitamin D and have smooth skin, this isn’t always the case. In fact, many times, people have to deal with dry, flaky and sun burnt skin after going on holiday. However, these skin care tips will ensure you maintain that holiday glow up.

  1. Exfoliate

Keep your skin clean by exfoliating at least 3 times a week to get rid of oil and dirt buildup. This prevents breakouts which may be caused by clogged pores. It also improves your skin’s appearance as exfoliating removes dead skin cells revealing a smoother, supple skin.

2. Moisturize

You can never over-moisturize your face. Since your face is the most exposed part of your body, it needs to stay moisturized so as to protect it from harsh weather. This also applies when you’re on holiday at the Coast. The hot weather makes your skin lose its moisture faster than usual. Therefore, it’s necessary to moisturize even on holiday. Use products that contain natural oils like avocado oil and grape seed as they are rich in moisture and get absorbed quickly.


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3. Stay Hydrated

The most important rule of skin care is to drink plenty of water. The skin flushes out toxins with the assistance of water toxins. These toxins include excess oils which cause skin breakouts. Therefore, while on holiday, you should drink a healthy amount of water to ensure your body gets rid of any toxin and to stay well-hydrated. 7 Ways To Deal With Skin Breakouts

4. Wear Sunscreen and a hat

Most people forget this crucial part while on the beach. Applying sunscreen is the best thing you could ever do to your skin. You could get a moisturizer with SPF or get sunscreen from a beauty store. Either way, you should never expose your skin to direct sun rays. Also protect your face by wearing a hat.

5. Treat Sunburns With Bio Oil 

Sunburns can be quite unsightly. Protecting your skin from harsh UV rays helps keep it looking youthful and flawless. Unfortunately, wearing sunscreen is not foolproof, the UV rays are too strong or maybe you’ve spent too much time in the sun.

If you suffer from a sunburn, Bio Oil can help reduce the appearance. Bio oil is made from natural oils and contains Vitamins A & E which help in anti-ageing, skin renewal and hydration. Additionally, this multi-award winning product is voted the No.1 selling scar and stretch mark product in 24 countries since its global launch in 2002. Use Bio Oil on your sunburns twice a day to see results. Product Review: Can Bio Oil Improve Skin Health?

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6. Avoid Smoking And Alcohol

Apart from the sun, some of the other threats to beautiful skin include alcohol and smoke. These are notorious skin dehydrator which leaves you with fine lines and can cause premature ageing. Avoid overindulging during the festive season to maintain your skin’s appearance.

Some more tips on skin care include getting facials every 4 to 6 weeks, ensuring you consult a professional, hydrating your skin and always checking the product ingredients. Products that contain avocado oil or grapeseed effectively moisturize the skin.

Check out Product Review: Can Bio Oil Improve Skin Health?

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