Education: 8 Do’s And Dont’s Of Taking An Online Class

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Online learning is quickly becoming a popular education method for many people seeking higher education. It presents an opportunity to interact with people from all over the world on an intellectual level. Taking an online class means following certain guidelines to excel in the course. Here are some do’s and dont’s of taking an online class.


  1. Prepare For The Course

An online class is just like a physical class. You will need material for the course that you’re taking. Make sure you have the recommended books and equipment to effectively take the course. Additionally, do your research on the course and know what is expected of you as the student. You can read the course syllabus for more relevant information.

  1. Have A Schedule

Designate a particular time to attend classes and working on assignments. Many people who take online classes have other commitments. Therefore, they rely on online classes due to this flexible nature. If you don’t balance your work and school life well, It’s easy to lag behind in an online class. Use apps like Google Calendar to set reminders about classes and assignments.

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  1. Have Reliable Internet

This a critical factor in having a successful online course. Since your computer acts as the physical class, you need to make sure you have a strong internet connection. Nothing will irk you more than when you’re trying to get through your session and the internet keeps crashing. A temporary solution would be to avoid opening multiple tabs and streaming unnecessarily.

  1. Be Active

Joining the class discussion forum is very important. Besides getting to know the other students, this is a great way to learn about something new and gain a deeper understanding of the topics. In some cases, these forums and active participation contribute to your final grade. Ask the lecturer as well. Just because it’s an online class doesn’t mean you can’t interact with the lecturer.


  1. Lose Motivation

Experiencing a burnout is common for many students including online students. It’s more common for online students due to their other commitments. However, successful students know how to keep the end goal in mind which keeps them motivated. Try and be active in your social life as well and surround yourself with positive thinkers.

  1. Assume It’s Easier

Online classes are held at the same standard as in-person classes. The expectation is the same. In fact, you will need extra effort to make the most out of an online class. Therefore, you should take it with the seriousness it deserves.

  1. Misuse email correspondence

The most effective way of communicating in an online class is through email and chat forums. Therefore, don’t spam people’s emails with unnecessary messages. This is both an annoying and inconveniencing habit.

  1. Take Written Comments Personally

There can be a lot of communication barrier while taking an online class. Some people lack writing etiquette and their comments may come off as rude or abusive. Additionally, you can’t look at someone’s facial expression to know their real emotions. Don’t take it personally and always clarify with the person what they meant instead of having a heated exchange.

Make the most of your online class and don’t give up just yet.

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