Product Reviews: Mikalla Hair Shampoo & Mikalla Leave-In Conditioner

Mikalla Cleaning & Conditioning shampoo, Mikalla Moisture Boost Leave-in Treatment

Mikalla is an award-winning, Kenyan-owned hair products brand made for the African woman. The brand quickly became popular due to its wide range, affordability and effectiveness. I first heard of Mikalla through a friend who happened to do a campaign with them. When I asked her how the product was she simply said, “Look at my hair.” If you’re wondering what she meant, she meant her hair looked beautiful and healthy. So I wanted to try this hair brand and see if it would work miracles on my hair. I started with the hair shampoo and the leave-in conditioner.

Mikalla Leave-in Conditioner

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my hair due to breakage which has been a big problem for me for a long time. For someone who barely finds time to go to the salon, a leave-in conditioner is a staple to ensure my hair is well-moisturized and nourished. Additionally, leave-in treatment strengthens hair follicles which prevents breakage.

Mikalla Cleaning & Conditioning shampoo, Mikalla Moisture Boost Leave-in Treatment

The product applies easily on the scalp and hair. It’s semi-thick and white in colour, therefore, you need to massage it into your scalp thoroughly to avoid leaving a white residue. It also contains menthol which soothes an itchy scalp. So, you can use it if you experience itching after braiding your hair.

I also use Mikalla leave-in treatment to hydrate my hair after a wash. Its key ingredients, shea butter and castor oils, moisturize the hair leaving it tangle-free. It did better than I expected. Previously when I’d use normal treatment my hair would look stringy and weak. However, after several washes and using this leave-in product, my curls are back and my hair looks healthier.

However, the scent isn’t pleasant at all. If I compare it to other leave-in treatments I have used, I’d give it a 4. The scent reminds me of those lotions our older cousins used to apply back in the day.  I expected it to smell a little bit better since the product is meant to stay in your hair.

The 250 ml bottle costs Ksh 250 and the 500 ml bottle costs Ksh 500 on Jumia.

Mikalla Cleansing & Conditioning Shampoo

On the other hand, the shampoo has a sweet and fruity smell. One of the most important things I look for in a product is a good scent. This one did not disappoint. It also lasts after rinsing which makes up for the not-so-sweet smelling leave-in treatment.

My hair after washing and conditioning with Mikalla products.

Its clear in colour and forms really well while washing your hair. It also cleanses thoroughly leaving your scalp feeling fresh and clean. Additionally, it is quite economical since a little product goes a long way for the Mikalla Cleansing & Conditioning shampoo. Not to mention, the 500ml bottle costs Ksh 280 on Jumia.

As earlier mentioned, I have noticed an improvement in my hair’s texture and strength. The combination of the two products creates a hair super-product to I’m looking forward to trying more Mikalla products, including their protein treatment and will keep you updated when I do.

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