Beauty: 8 Eyeshadow Mistakes To Avoid

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Eyeshadow, no matter how simple the look, can be quite intimidating to pull off. That’s why many people avoid it all together. Little mistakes might make you the laughing stock of the beauty community. However, this is one of the most fun parts of wearing makeup and when done right, elevates your look to glamorous heights. Here are some key mistakes to avoid when applying eyeshadow.

  1. Using Liquid Foundation On Your Eyelids

Avoid this mistake unless you’re going for the ageing eyes look. Liquid foundation creates a caky, crusty on your creases which make you look more wrinkled. Once you add on eyeshadow to this, it just enhances the mess that you’ve made. Instead, use a loose foundation powder if you don’t have eyeshadow primer.

  1. Using The Wrong Brush

A good makeup brush is like a secret weapon. Sure, your finger or those cheap sponge blenders that come with the eyeshadow might do the job. But if you really want to create a flawless look, you should invest in good quality brushes. They are easier on the hand so you’ll have better stroke control and their blending abilities helps you create looks effortlessly. Try the Morphe and Urban Decay brushes which are both pocket-friendly and good quality.

  1. Applying Eyeshadow After Concealer

Eyeshadow is going to fall out whether you use over the counter or high-end makeup. Always apply eye makeup before your under eye concealer as this polishes up your look. Eyes are also one of the most noticeable parts of the face. Therefore, the makeup should be perfect. Some makeup artists do the eyes first before anything else.

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  1. Using One Colour

This is one of the most common mistakes when applying eyeshadow. Before we were exposed to makeup tutorials on YouTube, we assumed that one colour was enough. However, there’s no excuse now to wear a single colour.  At the very least, highlight the inner corners of your eyes.

  1. Putting On Too Much

Less is more when it comes to makeup. Too much eyeshadow will overwhelm your eyes making them look smaller. Apply a little product then add on until you achieve the look that you wanted. Also, try to be a little less heavy handed when doing your makeup.

  1. Matching Your Eyeshadow To Your Clothes

This is such an old-fashioned trend that, honestly, shouldn’t come back. The colour of your eyes pops more when you use contrasting colours. Since brown is a neutral colour, you can pull off any colour so don’t limit yourself to darker ones.

  1. Skipping The Blending

This is a big no. Blending is a tedious but necessary process. This makes the eyeshadow look more natural and even especially if you’re using bold colours. Additionally, it’s not as difficult once you get the process right. Check out these professional tips on Allure’s How To Blend Eye Shadow Like A Pro

  1.  Not Wearing Eyeliner And Mascara

Even for the simplest looks, eyeliner and mascara are incredibly important to finish off your look. They widen your eyes making you look youthful. The best way to open your eyes is by using mascara. They also compliment your eyeshadow which would look rather bland and a bit off if you’re not wearing eyeliner and mascara.

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