Organize Your Life: 5 Different Ways To Use A Planner

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If your life is all over the place, then you might need a planner to keep it all together. This is a simple and creative book used to track daily tasks by logging them in a book. However, there are a number of things you can do with it apart from this. Here are some different ways to use a planner.

  1. Expenses

As you grow older, you gain more responsibilities which might be difficult to keep track of. It’s, therefore, important to refine the way you track your money to avoid overspending. By planning your expenses, you learn which ones are a priority and which ones you can do without. You also might end up saving some money in the process. Keep an account of your daily and monthly expenses in your planner. Additionally, this will help you pay your bills on time and save you some embarrassment.

  1. Gardening

For those who are keen on starting a garden, a planner will help keep your investments from turning brown. Taking care of a plant needs a lot of commitment and monitoring. From watering routines to weeding schedules, you can keep track of these in your planner.  Write down precise details of your plant’s requirements then log in when you do them. With time, the schedules become easier to remember and you might not need to rely heavily on the planner.

  1. Photo Book

Keeping physical photographs might be an old practice but it creates long-lasting memories than digital photographs. Additionally, if you attach them in your planner on the day the photo was taken you’ll have a full recollection of the event. This cute idea can also be a great personalized gift for a close friend or family.

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  1. Health

Good health is key to a happy life. Therefore, it deserves extra attention especially since there are so many risks to good health in the modern world. A planner can come in handy if you’re trying to lose weight or keep fit, changing a diet or experiencing unusual symptoms. Keep an exercise log and water intake in a planner to keep track of your health progress. This will allow you to see the different patterns and if you’re making any progress with your health journey.

  1. Affirmations

Sometimes, we forget how awesome we are or how hard we’ve worked throughout the month. Writing words of affirmation in your planner reminds you every day of the badass that you are. This also helps in reaffirming your feelings. For instance, if you’re feeling nervous about an interview, writing down words that give you courage helps in dealing with these emotions. You can also write your favourite quotes about how you’re feeling that day. Lastly, you can make each entry a love letter to yourself filled with positive words. Let out any pinned up emotions this simple way so you can have a fresh start every day you wake up.

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