7 Tips To Improve Your Job Hunting Process

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When job hunting bears no fruits, the process can be quite frustrating. Many job seekers end up giving up after a while which only adds more people to the already high number of unemployment. The unavailability of jobs contributes a huge percentage to the many causes of unemployment. Here are some ways to improve your job hunting skills and better your chances of getting a job.

  1. Create A List Of Companies You Wish To Work For

Creating a list focuses your attention on these companies. Your list should be about 10 to 15 companies as this is a manageable number to do adequate research on. You should identify important players in these companies including the CEO, Human Resource Manager and Head of Department in your field.

  1. Make Use Of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an app where professionals connect and companies find potential employees. There are numerous job advertisements on the app where job seekers can apply directly. It’s also a good way to meet people from similar fields and make connections.  Some companies might also include a LinkedIn account as one of their requirements.  So, if you’re job hunting, I’d recommend having a LinkedIn account.

Black man walking down stairs image from https://www.pond5.com/stock-footage/76257911/attractive-black-businessman-walking-down-stairs-steps-using.html
  1. Clean Your Social Media Profile

Though it doesn’t have to be all business, it also doesn’t have to be vulgar. Your social media accounts are the quickest way for potential employers to learn about your personality. They are also a way to find and seek employment. Some employers have remarked on many job seekers losing the position due to their social media accounts.

  1. Be Good At Research

Google truly is your friend even when you’re job hunting. Put your research skills to use by searching for potential employers in a more fruitful manner. If you have a specific company in mind, find out if they have vacant positions. You can also find out the preferred application method for the company. Some employers insist on online application only while other accept both online and physical applications.

  1. Have a flawless CV

A CV is a summary of who you are, so, make sure you sell yourself in the best way possible. However, avoid exaggerating your abilities as the employer will definitely put it to test. You can simply start by ensuring your CV has no grammatical or spelling errors. You should also get it reviewed by an external person especially if it’s your first time applying for a job. Here are 4 Tips To Make You CV Stand Out From The Rest

  1. Put Yourself Out There

Everybody you reach out to has gone through the job hunting process. Therefore, don’t feel ashamed to share your struggles. Let your friends and family know that you’re looking for a job. If you’re introduced to someone, follow up on that introduction. Put aside your ego and initiate contact. Remember that anyone you meet could help you get a job. You can also attend events and seminar to network with potential employers.

  1. Apply With A Recruitment Agency

A good recruitment agency will help you get a job faster and improve your job hunting process. However, many people are unaware of these agencies and are sceptical when dealing with agencies as some of them turn out to be scams – do your research. Recruitment agencies work directly with employers to find employees. They also give you tips on interviews and CV writing.

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