Viceroy Hosts An Exclusive Brandy Event For Consumers

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Last week the Kenya Wine Agencies Limited (KWAL) celebrated Viceroy Brandy’s new stage dubbed, “a blend of the best” at The Tav in the Mirage Building, Westlands, Nairobi. The customer event was attended by Viceroy Global Brand Manager, Renato Santana, KWAL Managing Director, Lina Githuka and Viceroy Consumers from all over the country.

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The Global brand ambassador pointed out that the constant changes in the world compelled their change as well in constant determination to remain relevant across generations.

Viceroy has been in production for a hundred and fifty years and has embarked on a journey to be relevant to all its consumers. The new platform, ‘A Blend of the Best’, led to the campaign “Viceroy & You. The Perfect Blend.” which is the brand’s new way to tell their story and that of their consumers.

How Viceroy Brandy is Made

The making of Viceroy Brandy is a process where master distillers use years of experience with a variety of grapes, taste profiles and barrels to ensure the creation of a unique product. The dark colour of the brandy comes from ageing in barrels. The drink can be taken in a cocktail or as an after-dinner drink.

How to take your Viceroy Brandy

  1. Neat – Taking your Viceroy Drink neat means that you are taking it with neither ice nor mixer. This means you will be allowing yourself the full experience of the unique flavour.
  2. Brandy Glass – Viceroy is taken in a brandy snifter, also called a brandy balloon. This is a type of glass with a wide base whose sides taper in at the top. The glass will have a short stem, often of different sizes. The servings will be about a volume of 60ml. The glass is designed to allow the concentration of the aroma at the top of the glass for a full experience.
  3. Serve Immediately – Viceroy should be served immediately after opening and does not require time to breathe. In fact, the volatile nature of brandy escapes if let to sit for too long.
  4. Let the drink warm on your hands – The wide base of the glass lets you hold it in a manner that lets the drink warm loosely from your palm. The gentle heat enhances the flavour and aroma.
  5. Try Viceroy Cocktails – For further experimentation with Viceroy, you can try to make some brandy cocktails. However, it is important to note that Brandy is part of the wine family, therefore, does not go well with sodas and tonics.

The Viceroy TVC Launch Event

The TVC launch was graced by a variety of jazzical musical performances at the Tav last week. The jazzical nature of the brandy drink created a perfectly calm and cool evening. In attendance were Lina Githuka – KWAL MD, Gordon Mutugi – Corporate Affairs manager and Renato Santana the Viceroy Global brand ambassador.


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Pictures courtesy of KWAL.

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