Beauty: 7 Hair Accessories To Complement Your Natural Hair

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Hair accessories are beautiful ornaments that complement our natural hair and celebrate our African roots. Natural hair comes with a good, bad and ugly side. It requires some patience, skill and a whole lot of time which we don’t always have. For natural hair newbies, it takes a while to learn how to style your hair effortlessly. And for the veteran naturalistas, there are one of those days you need some extra help. Here are some hair accessories to complement your natural hair.

  1. Beads

These colourful, eye-catching accessories take your look from basic to fierce. They are also an iconic fashion statement that has been spotted on the runway several times. Beads can be worn by both men and women from all age groups and come in various designs, and sizes. Stack them up to create a dramatic look.

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  1. Scarfs

Scarfs are great hair accessories for outdoor social events. They are a great way to give your hair a break as they act as a protective piece to shield your hair from harsh weather. Additionally, their vibrant patterns add oomph to your outfit making sure you slay with little effort. As a naturalista, scarfs are a must have in your wardrobe.

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  1. Pendant Rings

These pretty little things make a whole lot of difference to your hair. You can hook them to your twist outs or a single braid. There’s also a wide range of styles to choose from which make them easily adaptable to any hairstyle. However, for these hair accessories, less is more. Since they’re metallic, it’s easy to go overboard. Wear at most three at a time and make sure they all match.

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  1. Hair Cuffs

From the red carpet to the streets, black women all around the world have embraced these hair cuffs. You can easily see why. They’re simple yet attractive and unlike the pendant rings, you can never have too much. They make your natural hairstyle stand out and naturalistas are finding many creative ways to wear them.

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  1. Bobby Pins

These hair accessories made a comeback in an iconic way. Whether you prefer the plain black ones or the colourful ones, bobby pins are a staple for every girl. You can create a stylish look by wearing multiple bobby pins in a row. Additionally, you can make cool patterns with them to really bring out that wow factor.

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  1. Floral Crowns

Who said floral crowns are for music festivals only? This accessory compliment natural hair perfectly creating a look that stands out. It’s bold and daring therefore you have to channel your inner free spirit. You can wear a full head crown or a subtle but beautiful side crown.

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  1. Head Chains

When you’re feeling slightly over the top, you can try accessorizing your natural hair with a head chain. They may look intimidating but they quite simple to pull off and go with both a formal look or casual look. They come in different designs to suit different hairstyles and tastes. However, in the end, you’ll look like an Egyptian queen.

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