5 Kenyan Clinics That Specialize In Mental Health Issues

It is critical for us to take care of our mental health. Image from https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2017/01/30/02/20/mental-health-2019924_960_720.jpg

Over recent months, creating mental health awareness among the youth has become a thing. With the growing realization that one in every five people may suffer from mental illness, it is important to advocate for mental health.

However, although we realize the importance of it, not many of us know where to get help for ourselves, or our friends or loved ones who may be suffering in silence.

Mental health clinics are a vital part of treating mental illness and a majority of them offer counselling services for illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and panic disorders, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress and many others.

The treatment in these centres works slightly differently from an asylum or psychiatric hospital as it is more community-based with more outreach programs for the individual and families.

Some of these centres also offer training to individuals who want to learn more about mental issues and disorders and how to care for persons with these disorders.

Larger institutions have in-house patients who receive treatment for a brief period of time but the primary objective of these institutions is to provide help to those who need it at any point and to ensure that adequate care is given to them without bias or judgement.

  • Africa Mental Health Foundation

Located: Mawensi Gardens, off Matumbato Road, Upper Hill (020 2651360)

The organization’s core priority is the provision of community-based mental health care services. Integrating psychiatry, counselling and clinical psychology, AMHF seeks to take mental health care to the individual’s level with several outreach programs that contact people with mental disorders and provide counselling for them.

They are also involved in ECD programs for young children and cost-effective biological and Psychosocial Interventions for the various types of mental illnesses and substance use disorders.

  • Oasis Africa Limited

Located: Regent Management Court, Apartment B7, Hurlingham, Argwings Kodhek road. (opp. Nairobi Women’s Hospital) (0725 366 614 / 0733 366 614)

Oasis Africa Center for Transformational Psychology and Trauma specializes in providing trauma-focused therapy.

  • Amani Counseling Centre and Training Institute

Located: Mwalimu National Sacco Building, 8th Floor, Along Tom Mboya Street. (opp. Ambassadeur Hotel) (0718 225 627)

Amani Counseling provides counselling services for individuals, children, couples and families, outreach employee assistance programmes (EAP) for NGOs and corporates and several short causes in  Basic Counselling Skills, Trauma Counselling, HIV and AIDS, Drug and Substance Abuse & Child Therapy.

  • ELITE Psychological Counseling and Wellness Services – Hamida

Located: Peponi Road (0718 233 759)

ELITE offers counselling and wellness services for individuals and families.

  • Tumaini Counseling Centre

Located: 6 Silanga Road, off Langata Road, Karen, Nairobi (0733 687 050)

The Christian organization offers evaluation and counselling services as well as psychiatric care, crisis de-briefings and post-trauma support.

Counselling services provided by these clinics are confidential.

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