Movie Review: Acrimony – A New Meaning To A Woman Scorned

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There isn’t much originality to expect from a Tyler Perry Movie. I mean, Madea movies are still a thing. However, you can always look forward to the over-dramatized plotlines that will keep your mind pre-occupied for the next hour and a half. Acrimony is exactly the movie you watch because there’s nothing better to do.

The lack of creativity plays out right from the title of the movie. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of ‘acrimony’ is anger and bitterness which is what the movie is about. They then cast Taraji P. Henson to play the role of an angry black woman which she has done in many films. However, she delivers a stellar performance like she always does.

It starts off on a high note with great cinematography shots of Melinda (Taraji P. Henson) at a therapist’s office who appears to be counseling her about her anger problems. She then recalls how she met her husband in college. He was a brilliant engineering student always inventing new thing but his lack of funds limited his dreams of grandeur. He soon learned that she had money and she became his cash cow. Even after marriage, he still barely made enough to sustain his family.

I think the only good thing he ever did for her was introducing her to Nina Simone’s music. However, she put up with him for the longest time, paying all the bills while still loaning him money for his projects.

Finally, they convince him to get a real job with her brothers’ company as a delivery truck driver. He meets an old college flame who coincidentally works at the patenting office where his application was turned down for years. They talk about his invention and she agrees to help him get an interview with the board.

At the same time, his wife finds a woman’s purse in his truck and is infuriated. The meeting doesn’t go well so he returns to a full house ready to draw blood if it comes to that. After a heated argument, Melinda kicks him to the curb. His old flame takes him in and until he eventually finds his pot of gold. However, this is only the begin of the madness that’s about to ensue.

In a nutshell, the movie is about a woman who becomes bitter, jealous and angry at her husband for moving on after she kicked him out. The actors try their best to deliver an award-worthy performance but the script just doesn’t cut it.

At a time where black entertainers are working hard to produce quality content, this movie was a big disappointment. It’s over-dramatized, tacky and cheap. Even the cinematography becomes worse as the movie progresses. You can tell that the writers made very little effort in making a captivating plot. Everything is predictable and cliché. I was looking forward to a Tyler Perry movie that I could proudly admit to watching but Acrimony fails to do it for me.

I’d not recommend watching it. However, if you’re curious, here’s the trailer.

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