Bad Ethical Habits Businesses Should Leave In 2018

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You have started your small business and the wheels of demand and supply are now turning. Profits and clients are coming in asking you to solve their problems and you have started building a brand that will last a very long time. Here are things you should absolutely never do.

  1. Do not lie to employees.

This is the fastest way to make those who believe in the mission and the vision of the company to stop trusting you. The biggest motivation for your employees is the faith to fulfil the duties of the company that it may lead them to a better place. If you lie to them, sales will dwindle, motivation will diminish and the growth of the business will screech to a halt.

  1. Do not take credit for employee’s work.

Employees want to be recognized and consequently challenged to complete their goals. In the case that employees become aware that their efforts will not even be credited under their name, they will lose motivation to work. The business is yours entirely because you initiated the idea, but the work is yours as well as the employees.

  1. Failure to trust your employees

Trust is a two-lane highway, you have to give trust to gain trust. We have heard of cases that business owners want to micromanage every little activity and money as the only way to ensure that the business is running smoothly. Employees, just like you, want a little command on their duties and if not, they simply will not be motivated enough to work for you.

  1. Overworking the employees.

Quality has always better than quantity. It does not matter the number of clients you could get as much as how many successful business transactions you will have committed. A successful business transaction means that both parties are happy. And happiness means good quality of products and services. Making the employees work extra will not guarantee success for your business.

  1. Improper compensation for wages, salaries and bonus.

Profits are enticing, but they will be empty if you do not compensate those that worked for those profits fairly.

  1. Inadequate direction on assignments and roles

As the founder and owner of the business you just started, it means that you understand the mission and the vision of the company better than anyone else, it should be your duty to constantly issue directives on roles and assignments that will eventually lead to their achievement.

  1. Focusing on weaknesses rather than strengths

Focusing purely on people’s weakness rather than their strengths is a direct road to demotivation. Minor errors can be overlooked provided the outcome is desirable. The image of your business is you but that is a high standard but spreading that pressure in a negative way through wrist slapping will serve no one’s benefit.

  1. Failure to set clear, precise and achievable goals.

If you do not set clear, precise and achievable goals, those who work under you are lost in a maze. Instead, have the answers to the following questions for them:-

  • What is the role here?
  • What is success?
  • What are the steps to complete a task?

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